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Last update before Dawntrail



I haven't actually played anything this week as you can see...well one match on my lala alt (but that's not worth posting about). I've mostly been dealing with life - vacation started recently, meet with family and been taking it easy. I've played some SMTVV which I like. I was thinking of playing Elden Ring DLC but I'll wait.

This will be the last post before Dawntrail goes live and I wanted to immortalize my characters - how they looked before the graphics update. I also wanted to post something that showed how much I've actually played on my JP alt (honestly my main now) compared to my actual EU main character that I started back in the day. This character was made on the 26th July 2020 and I honestly never thought I'd play this much with her but here I am.

I've played for many years now and after the original Hydaelyn and Zodiark story ended in Endwalker (which I loved), I felt like I didn't really had the motivation to continue the main scenario after that. I felt like that was a good stopping point for me - closure in a sense. I've barely done any PvE for the last like 2-3 years (other than the mandatory expansion things and seasonal events) and it's honestly kind of refreshing. I just play PvP when I feel like it and stop when I want to do other things - like play other games. So for the first time ever, I will start out my early access to Dawntrail on this character and will just PvP. In earlier expansions I've always rushed things, which I don't want to do anymore. It sounds somber but I want to continue FFXIV by doing the things I enjoy the most.

Cheers everyone!
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