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Worth writing for

It’s kinda unbelievable. I didn’t think I’ve never wrote a blog on Noloic... And to think he should be my main, too... 🤦🏻‍♂️
Ah well, it can’t be helped... Back on business.

The hunt for Esoterics is over on all my characters.. although Noloic couldn’t get the Magitek Predator, unlike Mitran. Ah well, I’m the only one to blame, I neglected the event for quite a long time and only (almost) fully tapped it on Enesha afterall. But what can I say, Savages, Extremes, Treasure Maps and friends had precedence and will always have. Especially friends.

This said... It’s quite a troubled night. Adore dropped the game once more right on patch day (sub expired today and he didn’t feel like to renew it just for 5.5), I’m starting to worry about how me, Tofu and Yoonie will manage the MSQ, more overwork and a 30 minutes earlier alarm await me in just some hours (I should really be sleeping by now by the way...), busy days are ahead both in-game and in real life... It’s a messy situation.
On the bright side, though, 5.5 won’t bring too much new content, which means I’ll also have time to focus on Mitran and, especially, Noloic now when I’m not engaged with my friends on Enesha.
Oh, speaking of Noloic, I had a wholesome evening.

Wanderer’s Palace spam awaits me, but I really don’t feel like it, not only because I spammed it ad nauseam both on Enesha and Mitran these days, but also because whenever I try to open a Party Finder for it on Chaos either I don’t get anyone in, or when I do I only get non-expert runners that slow down the run quite a bit or non-friendly people (that often leave after one or two runs which is annoying as shit).
I also seem to only find noobs or toxic people in this Data Center (in Duty Finder, at least). After all this time spent on Noloic, I kinda got used to have bad people around to the point I easily get passive aggressive and just wish not to have anything to do with others at all, which sucks.

I do some not-too-fast runs with randos and they all keep leaving after some time, until I am alone yet again after something like an hour and I kinda start giving up hope, heading to the Moogle in order to at least grab the Falcon until I’m in time.
Fortunately, the Party gets filled back in just ~5 minutes, and, as usual, players ask me why I prefer WP over Aurum Vale. It’s probably too late to explain this, but I will nonetheless for future references:

1. The time is more or less the same (given players manage their Spells and know what they’re supposed to do);
2. The gear scaling is extremely higher, meaning stats are better (which means the final boss gets blasted way faster and wall-to-wall is way safer even without having to waste a slot for a BLU for a healer instead);
3. 40 Poetics every run instead of 0;
4. Being synced to level 50 instead of 49 means certain Jobs can use some powerful Actions. In case of the tank, Hallowed Ground exists, which means you’re not forced to only play WAR because of Holmgang (which is still quite unreliable without a healer or a healer-mimicying BLU);
5. Many players got used to spam it because of the last event, in which AV was the highest level Dungeon giving Irregular Tomestones, and they’re doing it out of habit although now even WP, Amdapor Keep and the Keeper of the Lake gave them;
6. One less wall (4 vs 5);
7. More EXP and Gil.
They kinda look skeptical (can’t blame them) in the beginning, so we organize a bit before entering and I can safely say even the first, a little messy run has been quite fast (around 5:30 minutes). They immediately recognize that’s the real shit, and we start spamming it properly, reaching around 4:30 minutes as best runs.
As weird as it sounds, we chat a bit during those runs, and we (at least I) have a shitload of fun together. The fellas are Roslyn Desu, Anastacia Ackerman and Para Tia. Long story short, they now are in my friend list (and they’re the only ones in there so far) and Ana x Ros confirmed marriage when yes yes.

I really hope to find them around and chat again sometime. Let’s see what future brings!
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