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A Dark Messenger

Waking up on my second day in the city-state, I felt refreshed an ready to take on whatever challenges came my way. Mother Miounne wasted no time getting me familiar with the geography of the city. I also got an introduction to E-Sumi-Yan. He is a marvelous character with those horns, that mysterious cane, his words belaying a spirit older than his face would suggest. He thought me of the secrets of Earth, Wind, and Water. The crushing, the erosion, the flow of aether than permeates the land. It was all quite enlightening, yet at the same time it felt like walking steps I had wandered oft in a hazy past.

I also encountered a young girl called Sylphie through my training. A skilled healer if ever there was one, but she didn't draw on the forces of nature to make her will manifest; she used the aether in her own body, like some common thaumaturge. Brother E-Sumi-Yan fears this reckless behaviour will be her undoing, like it was her mother's in the past.

Working again under Mother's direction I rescued a Chocobo Egg, defeated a Golem (!), and protected the forest from Ixali aggression. The last encounter was peculiar. They planned to cut into the Guardian Tree of the forest, and take some crystal in its depths. The God's Quiver attacked with accuracy and determination, adn I aided what I could. After the Ixal's defeat a mysterious figure approached.

I defeated him and the voidkin he summoned. In the midst of battle I was joined by two peculiar figures; the thaumaturge Papalymo and the pugilist Yda. This pair of Sharlayan scholars seemed to know something about this robed figure that they would not share.

I was visited by visions of Hydaelyn, the mothercrystal, and she instructed me to gather crystals of light. Her presence was both comforting and familiar to me, though I have no recollection of having met her before.

Upon my return to Gridania I was greeted by the Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna. She too, seems familar to me.

She bad me act as Emmisary in the upcoming Greenbliss festivities. I had no choice but to accept, though the prospect of representing all of Gridiania seemed daunting indeed.

During the Greenbliss festival I was given yet another vision, this time of the past. I saw Dalamud fall, crack open, and I saw two dark figures conversing. It was like an echo of times long past.

I did not insult the Elder Seedseer, thank the Twelve, and she even bad me act as her envoy to the other city states.

Thus I find myself on an airship with hours to spare, and empty pages staring at me.

Limsa Lominsa awaits!
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