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An Adder in the Goblet

There is a lot going on in Eorzea right now. The Primals are waking, the Garlean Empire is preparing to invade, and that isn't even addressing the bandits, and disturbed temples and the general aftermath of the Calamity. Miek'a Cecilia and I have been spread thin responding to calls for adventurers. Some wickedness is bound to slip through the cracks.

But Ul'dah hasn't escaped my notice, and has been a constant source of frustration. I avoid the city as much as possible, while still attending to the various emergencies and crisis that the Twin Adder Grand Company, the Azure Dragon, or.. or..

I can't.

I can't even say their name.

The Garlean Empire is already fighting their War against Eorzea, my friends and I are marked people. Those friends that survived that is, the ones who perished are free from the need to keep looking over their shoulder.

I don't know what Miek'a or Cecilia have been doing in hiding over this time, I threw myself into the Twin Adders. I was able to make a difference and remain somewhat anonymous doing so. Even routing out nests of Imperial scouts in the Black Shroud I can hit them *hard* and give the spotlight to the Twin Adders. I have to admit, there is a satisfaction feeling my lance pierce that armored shell and the look in their eyes as they're impaled. It's the same look that I saw on too many of my friends.

I hope that last moment hurt.

I'm cursed with the Echo. I've seen their assassinations, their "raids" and I've watched as the Imperial Soldiers chased down the vulnerable and gave no quarter.

Loam. I've gone down a goblin-warren. There was a point I wanted to make. about Ul'dah. See, the great cities of the Grand Alliance have created huge residential districts to attract adventurers to settle there. They're *exclusive* subdivisions and already are filled to capacity. They're also restricted to non-native citizens, which is distasteful to me. At least so far as Limsa Lominsa and Gridania are concerned the "gated community" feel of the Mists and the Lavender Beds. There's a fair amount of gentrification and red-lining, but there is still housing available to the people of these City States. The Residential Districts aren't displacing people.

But the Goblet. That's a chocobo of a different feather isn't it? See? In Ul'dah, there is a refugee crisis. Thanalan suffered greatly from the Calamity. entire communities were burned to ash; homes and farms, mines, the livelihoods of thousands and millions just gone in the flash of Bauhaumut's Wrath. Now, five years later, the streets of Ul'dah are choked with people who have lost everything, and the ruling Syndicate has chosen to build an oasis in the shaded valleys West of Ul'dah to curry favor with powerful and wealthy advneturers.

There are homeless, desperate people with nothing sleeping in alleys and ghettos, and the Syndicate spent mountains of Gil to build a playground so their wealthy and well-connected can rub shoulders with the Celebrities of a new Umbral Age.

I want to burn it all down. I want to tear down that golden palace and drive the Syndicate and their bankers and the Brass Blades. I want to see Ul'dah meet their responsibilities towards the lives of their people rather than the coin in their purses.
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