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Change My Clothes, Hair, FACE!

Daunthir stripped off her smock, gloves, boots.. she pulled off her smallclothes and tossed them into the dirty garment basket. Kyirean would have to work hard scrubbing down the sweat-soaked garments. Daunthir didn't worry too much about her smithing clothes looking nice, it was enough so they don't smell like Au'Ra sweat and forge. She felt guilty making the Vieran literally wash her dirty laundry, but the flirty woman seemed to take an odd enjoyment in service, especially attending to her bodily needs like laundry. She'd practically pouted the first time Daunthir asked Suresean to wash and oil her armor.

Daunthir looked at herself in the mirror as she drew her bath and grimaced. Since she arrived in Eorzea, she's been training as fighting first as a Lancer, then as a Dragoon. Then learning the craft of blasksmithing under Guildmaster Brithael. Her body was changing, despite the Ul'dahn alchemical medicines she was looking more masculine by the week. Her shoulders broadening, arms filling out from swinging a hammer and her hips narrowing and thighs developing from the leaps she's learned as a Dragoon. She stroked her left horn in annoyance. Still caught between being the young woman she felt *inside* and the young man her body was still struggling to become.

She couldn't wear clothes designed for Auri any longer, at least not any that can be found in the shops and stalls of the City States in Eorzea. She had to buy clothes designed for Hyur and have them tailored to accomodate for her tail and scales. Thank the Twelve Kyirean had some skill with needle and thread. Daunthir's awkwarness of adolescence had followed her into adulthood, and returned with a vengeance.

Daunthir slipped into the steaming water of the basin and poured the perfumed oil in. She started the process of washing off another day's sweaty effort at the forge and anvil. She wanted to pummice off the callouses developing on her palms, return them to being the smooth texture she enjoyed when she spent her days mentoring calligraphy to the children of Gridanian aristocratic families.

"Should have kept scribing. Maybe pursued magic" Daunthir mused.

She leaned back and dunked her head beneath the fragrant steaming water. Feeling her muscles relax Daunthir felt a little more herself again. She rose from the Bath and took a towel to wrap and dry herself with. Cleansed, she looked at herself in the mirror.

"It's my hair it's spikey and far too light. Maybe a new outfit, one that isn't armor or the leather smock of the forge. I bet if I got this spikey hair styled I wouldn't look so.. mannish." Daunthir pulled out a black dress from her wardrobe. She'd had it since she got to Gridania and never wore it.

Slipping the heavy fabric on, buckling it, it became clear that she'd shaped her body differently than when she'd first ridden into Gridania. it was tighter across the shoulders and the thighs looser at the stomach and across the chest. Daunthir frowned.. it was like she was a man in women's clothes.. a *short* man. She crossed the small inn suite and pulled the cord on the crystal bell.

Before the hour was out he had arrived, entering the suite like royalty. arms stretched to either side, the instruments of his craft held firmly yet delicately in his fingers.

"Worry no longer, your deliverance has arrived, the curse of ugliness will now be forever banished for.. I. Am. Here. and the Aesthetician will transform you from this unfinished work into..

A beauty reborn!"

Daunthir barely had time to sit before Jandelaine had tightened his orbit around her. comb and scissors flashing about her head, somewhere alchemical compounds splashed in her hair.. the passage of time was barely noticable as Jandelaine maintained a ceaseless, inexhaustible torrent of questions and direction. He curled, teased, snipped, straightened. Daunthir tried once to slow him down, she had a solid idea of how she wanted her hair to be styled, but Jandelaine quieted her with a single finger to her lips.

"Shh.. forgive me, but, I the Aesthetician, must insist on complete creative freedom as I work magic upon you. You, you don't know what you want, can't know what you want, but Jandelaine knows what you want and that is what you shall have, for your eyes have not seen and your dreams cannot conceive of the beauty that you will become."

He studied Daunthir's face gazing deep in her eyes. Daunthir was afraid he'd try to kiss her he drew his face so close, but then, "Shroud Rose Violet, yes, ringed with La Noscean Pink"

A bewildered Daunthir could only manage a wordless, confused "whaaaaaa?"

"Your eyes, Shroud Rose Violet irises and La Noscean Pink Limbic Rings, your most striking quality. We shall build your masterpiece upon that foundation."

Minutes later, Jandelaine the Aesthetician flicked his scissors one final time. "YES! Now dear Lady Daunthir, behold the complete metamorphosis of your visage. You called me in desperate need and I arrived not a moment too soon. A beauty reborn! I take my leave of you, worry not about the cost for such beauty is priceless and I will apply my fee to your suite bill"

He left as suddenly as he arrived, with the same command of the room.

Daunthir admired her new look in the mirror. The Aesthetician was most certainly eccentric, but she had to admit, she looked fab! "He certainly knows how to make his entrances and exits."
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