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Legendary Dearly Beloved

My brother I known for a decades for over 14 years, my childhood, my mentor and my best friend have recently passed away, 4 days ago (16/06/2021) due to a cardiac arrest. His IGN is Koizomi Lanner, he is from aether Cactuar.

Allow me to mourn over you for the next 14 years.
This 8 years of XIV journey, we have been together will be an experience I will never forget. Thank you for always be there for me, through the hardships and happiness. We fought, we calmed down and make up then laugh.
You grew up with me over the years, we're the childhood of best friends.
You always advised me, walked with me through my pain, listen to all my vent and problems.
You are one man strength worth of a thousands, you are my idol and the legend of all legends. You speak little but the footprints you left behind are enormous, your legacy will always be remembered. You are forever my tank, the only one true tank I'll shield to heal.
I sworn to protect your heart even to death I'll carry on your name, your legacy. My turn to watch over you.
Your home is always here, Goblet ward6, plot55 the FC you single handed build from ash. I will protect the FC with the submarine you left behind that named after me, I will protect it all til the day I collapsed and when you come and take me away.
I miss you so much, I know that one day we will meet again, until then please continue to watch over me as I will eternally write to you.

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