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Random Evil Musing - 4/6/21

Oh, how the winds of change blow...

It appears those whom took me into their Free Company have now found themselves without an active leader, and in such my efforts and dedication have paid off to grant me ownership of the Free Company. It's amusing that being already influential back in my homeland, I now lead a group here among Eorzea.

First and foremost, I realize what a target this puts on my back, so I said to the Free Company so as to assure them that I would not be performing any high-level changes to anything so long as we worked through this transition of ownership. The previous owner hardly ever showed themselves...even less than the flighty guildmaster of the Arcanist's Guild. I may do some re-alignment among the guild, such as a change to roles and regulations...I may end up looking to change the hierarchy and potentially implement a caste system so as to assign duties and responsibilities...something to allow the Free Company to focus and thrive upon, rather than having me bear all of the responsibilities myself.

The efforts of the Ascians against Eorzea bother me; while they seek to delve into studies and forms of power that I would be intrigued to know, they continue to stand against me; it's interesting to me, I never thought that my actions would eventually result in preserving those whom follow a more gentle, life-loving goddess and the focus on keeping those whom worship such alive; it pains me to do so, considering the efforts my people and I have already taken back in Anestoril to suppress the followers of Life, and bring forth an era where Death governs all else.

The Ascians give me no choice though; they wish to stand in the way of Gulgotha's progress, then they shall be cast down and brought to heel by me, and the will of my master. They consider themselves masters of the void? They have trifled with the wrong denizen of the dark, for my studies here in Eorzea have brought unto me much more intimate understanding of the void, and how manipulation of its power can drive me to even more incredible heights than I previously have achieved...oh what secrets and power await the rest of Gulgotha's faithful, to know that there are other paths amid the black to explore and expand our reach...

I must thank the Ascians for driving me this far; though I had intended to inherit their teachings diplomatically, perhaps it is best that they have enticed me to learn it first-hand.

They, and the help of those of the Circle of Black...the beastmen that sacrificed their normal, mundane lives to aid me and each other into this study of the void, it has unlocked so much potential!
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