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4/19/21 - In the Groove (NIN 57)

It's been almost a month since I have started my FFXIV journey and its been a lot of fun and it's getting more fun each day. I'm now in the habit of doing my Daily Roulettes and it's really good practice for the Crystal Tower Raid (although I seem to get Syrcus Tower every time xD) and getting better with my DPS and rotations. Also I've been playing with my friends who have parsers and I'm consistently getting Top 3 in DPS and it feels pretty good and comforting that I'm doing well (c'mon you guys don't let a lowly Sprout beat you in damage! ^_^). I get pretty hyped when I hit the Trials Roulette and landing on Leviathan. The music for that fight is so sick and I'm all for it! What are some fights that you guys like mechanically? Musically? Both?

I officially joined a Free Company. I am happy to announce that I am a member of Dance After Death (<<Death>>) and it's been great so far. A very friendly community that is very knowledgeable and ever so welcoming! Thank you <<Death>> for the warm welcome and I hope to get more involved with you guys! For anyone looking for a great FC to join please don't hesitate to reach out!

My NIN is pretty much geared out with the Augmented Ironworks stuff. I don't think I can really get any better gear; or is there better gear at my stage of the game? I started leveling Arcanist (ARC) since that branches into Scholar (SCH) and Summoner (SMN). The job is honestly kinda boring... but apparently SMN is a really powerful job and SCH is sub par? Can someone tell me if it gets better?

I also started leveling Red Mage (RDM). One of my friends HATES RDM with a passion. Claims it is extremely boring and unsatisfying. On his new character (he started one to play and level up with me) he is a White Mage (WHM) main but decided to give RDM another chance. So we are both leveling RDM from Daily Roulettes just so we can get a balance of classes in our arsenal.

Overall the game is swelling up and really drawing me in! I'll post again next week when I get into Heavensward!!

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