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5/14 - Stormblood (NIN 72)

Wheeew what a month it has been! I got my NIN to 70, Gunbreaker (GNB) to 70, Scholar (SCH) to 50, and I'm currently leveling Samurai (SAM). I love my Physical DPS role but I have to admit being a Tank is a LOT of fun. Boring at points but I love controlling the pace of the dungeons and just aggro-ing everything in sight. Being a healer is fun too but the stress of dodging AoEs and keeping my team alive is a bit overbearing. I'll eventually get back to Healing and level it up to 70+ but right now I will stick to Physical DPS and Tanking.

Let's talk about the story! A Realm Reborn was very slow but it ended on a high note.
It lead into so far the best story I have played in a RPG yet, Heavensward. I loved every bit of Heavensward from the story, the zones, and the characters. It was sooooo good! I'm currently in Stormblood and so far the story is good but there are a lot of lull points. I love the introduction to Kugane and seeing Doma (FINALLY!). It's probably my favorite city/zone due to the Asian theme. You probably don't know but I am Vietnamese so this was a really cool area for me. I look forward to chugging through and getting to Shadowbringers and soon..... Endwalker!

I left the FC Death After Dance (very reluctantly). I started an FC with my friends GuessWork and that itself has been a journey that I am getting more excited for. We are currently Company Rank 10. I don't know why my friends thought it would be easy to get to Rank 30 but it definitely isn't haha. We were successful and got a small plot of land in the Goblet so we are an FC with a house! It's been fun decorating the house and my Private Chambers. We've recruited about 8 members and are looking to recruit more. We want to be a successful FC, maybe not the TOP, but a fun place to be where if anyone needs run Extremes and even older content Raids, we can! If you are new to the game, on Gilgamesh, and want to play with an up and coming FC filled with also NEW players, please apply! I will be creating a Discord soon to be a little bit more official. We run 24hr buffs, Daily Roulettes every night, and are available everyday. I'm on every night! Add me, send me a Tell, apply, we are in Open Recruitment!

Thanks for chiming in and I will see ya out there in FFXIV!
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