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Raubahn Fantasia Dealer?

As I progress through the second half of ARR I have a vial of fantasia sitting in my inventory. I was warned about this little potion by many other players. Some even joking that they are "addicts." I was warned long before this potion found it's way into my inventory. It has the power to completely rework your character. Such power is very tempting, and I find as I travel with the bottle in my inventory I find myself contemplating my racial choices.

I really like the character I created, he has both a large face, stern, but somewhat gentle at the same time. I like how he emotes throughout the story and the stoic "nod" as it were. I managed to score super long hair from the golden saucer as well. I did really well dodging Yojimbo and got a massive prize of MGS points. It suits my pull towards long haired heroes, much like Elric of Melnibone which is funny because Amano has done art for that series.

Regardless, I find with my choice of dragoon a pull to reroll as an Elzen(sp?). Occasionally I entertain the thought, but overall I tend to ignore it. Firstly because they are tall and lanky, the total opposite of what I am in real life. I'm actually considered "short" by modern day standards, or at least in the recent five years. I don't sweat it too much because I'm older and not really "on the market" as it were, so I needn't worry about my "appeal" to another person. Still I like to keep my characters a little moderately heighted. With that being said... Wouldn't it be better to play something completely unlike myself?

Do you see what Raubahn has done to me? Done to many others! He's a fantasia dealer, an enabler of addicts. I wonder how many other fantasia addicts were born from Raubahn's delightful gift. I must say I'm grateful for him to give me something in game, that usually costs real life money to have. So it's very precious indeed. I fear I will stumble into the same addiction as others. Also there was a funny joke in the golden saucer during my stay there. I wanted to share it because I did spit out my tea onto the screen in laughter thanks to it. It went like this:

"Hello and welcome to another gathering of Fantasia Anonymous. I am seeing many new faces, and quite frankly I am disappointed."

So will I resist the glorious temptation that nags upon my mind at every turn? Or will I maintain the character I have throughout? Somehow the odds are against me I think...
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