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New Start. Again.

Leaving this behind as a record that - effective last Friday, I started back in to FFXIV. I've lost count of how many times I've done this. I play for 2-3 months, then I'm gone from the game for 6-18 months. I started the game the day it came out on PC. Between the original PC client, the PS4 client, and the Steam client, I have around 7000 hours logged in. Debatable that a third of that time was me being idle/afk. The story is always the same. I play a bunch of other games, then return here like a warm security blanket when I have nothing else I want to play. I start a brand new character each time and start over from scratch. Each time, optimizing my way forward a bit more. Sometimes, imposing challenges/criteria on myself. I normally try to steamroll through content as fast as humanly possible to get to the endgame. This time around, I want to level all available jobs as I go.

I started on the new NA Dynamis data center. Mainly because I went without the "Road to X" buff the last time and it made it more painful to level other jobs. Another condition I put on myself was that I wanted to knock out all of the side quests I come across as a means to facilitate that leveling process. If there is an exclamation mark on the map, I have to make it disappear.

To that end, my progress this week:
- PLD: 1 to 50
- WAR: 1 to 50
- MNK: 1 to 52
- DRG: 1 to 51
- NIN: 1 to 50
- SAM: 50 to 55
- WHM: 1 to 32
- SCH/SMN: 1 to 50
- BRD: 1 to 50
- BLM 1 to 50
- RDM: 50 (unlocked)
- Story Progression: Completed 2.0 content. Unlocked Crystal Tower, but haven't gone in yet.

I was able to accomplish a lot of that without going into PotD, which is normally my go-to move.Eventually I ran out of side quests and hunt logs to do. That's when I learned the major drawback of starting on a fresh data center. There is nobody in PotD. I spent 16 hours in idle waiting just to get past floor 20. Eventually, I just unlocked WAR and took it floors 1-50 solo. I figured everyone was hanging out in 51-60 like normal. That was not the case. Absolutely nobody was running it. Then, it dawned on me: travel to another data center. I went over to Zalera on Crystal and was able to get stable 51-60 runs in 5 minutes of wait time.

That said, I actually don't know what job I'm going to main. I came in thinking I would go MNK. I hadn't actually played MNK any appreciable amount since the rework. While I like it better than it was in most of ShB, I don't like it as much as I did back in ARR. Once I unlocked BRD, I knew I was probably going to main BRD again. I just like it too much. Speaks to my particular psychosis for having to keep track of a thousand things at once. I prefer ranged physical. Always have.

However, I did try SMN for the first time since the rework, and I really like it. SMN was the first job I ever played in FFXIV. Upon reflection, I think I like it because it feels like a ranged physical DPS in terms of mobility, but hits like a magical DPS. I think I would get bored with it though, with so few buttons to press at 50-60. They really trimmed down its kit.

For the short term, BRD. It will likely devolve into me returning to MCH and unlocking the Heavensward relic. That has been my go-to move the past 3-4 times.

How long I will stick around for this time is an unknown. I just enjoy the process of leveling and unlocking things.

My goal for the week to come:
- Level WHM to 50.
- Keep running daily content to get poetics for Ironworks gear for my characters and a few levels.
- Once WHM is 50, take BRD into 2.1 content and push for Ishgard.
- If I get to Ishgard, unlock DRK/AST/MCH and level them to 50. Probably in PotD.

I do not plan on going out of my way to level anything to 60 until I finish 3.0 content. Once I get to Stormblood, I'll level everything to 70. 80 for Shadowbringers, and enter Endwalker (again) ready to push to 90.

I'm probably going to get bored with leveling combat classes at some point and fall back on crafting/gathering. I definitely want to maximize the road to 80 buff on those, but I'll wait till I get to Diadem/Ishgard for that.

Since the data center is new, housing is suddenly a very viable option. I've owned houses before, but right now - the available plots are certainly a buffet. A buyer's market if ever there was one with so much supply and so little demand. However, making Gil may be slow going due to it being a new data center. On Crystal, I'd just crush a hundred or so HoH runs and come out with a 10-15 million Gil worth of items to sell. I'll have to look up prices and item movement on the data center. See if/where I can maximize my efforts.

It's good to be back. Again.

PS: Play time this week was 90 hours. Probably 5 of those hours was AFK. The stars and my life all lined up to allow me to just hit the game harder than I normally would. This coming week, I might get half that in, if I am lucky. I need to purposefully limit my play time as to help stave off burnout.
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Riley Caine

Maduin [Dynamis]

Also running in PotD on Dynamis. Best luck queuing for 51-60 has been around 7 - 9PM PST.

I'm currently an active PotD player, hoping to claim the Necromancer title in time.

If you're interesting in duo-ing for any aspect, let me know!
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