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2nd official 90 class

My Dancer is finally 90!

I started this second class back in March 2023 as a side class just because I saw some dancer glams on the ffxivglamours reddit.

Horrendous, I know.

But hear me out, I'm sure all of the healer classes only play them because of their superior glam. ABSOLUTELY JUST JOKING!!

Humor aside, I did start out the class because I wanted some cool dancer glams and screenshots but I found this class to be quite liberating and free. It was not overly complex, though I still have much to explore with skills, cooldowns and best BD dps rotations but that's for another post and I don't have to stand still while using skills!! I'm a summoner main, let me walk freely as I cast my skills please!! Unexpectedly, I quickly fell in love with this class even though I knew nothing about it going in.
I am, however, brand new to the FF games and have no background knowledge of the story or lore. I may start learning though because I've been heavily invested since the Shadowbringers expansion.
But I did enjoy my time as a dancer, and I do favor the DPS role over any of the others, I just cannot stand to bare the responsibilities of a healer and I am not skilled enough to be a useful tank. Maybe someday?

Anyway, this is my second official max class until the next expansion. Will I continue to level this class? Most definitely! It's so much fun to play and I do look forward to any new updates and progressions with the class.

Here's a bonus screenshot of some accidental twinning in my home town~

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Niviko Seven

Sargatanas [Aether]

Grats! ^^

Zyla Jin

Cactuar [Aether]

Niviko, thanks ^^
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