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Blue thoughts and a rant!

Let's talk about my favorite job from FFXI. Blue mage, as well know the ability for the caster to learn special skills from mobs and use them on our enemies. Love the idea of the flexability of the job. It's a job I was hoping they would add in 14 since the beginning. And when I heard they were adding it to FFXIV I was so stoked... then I heard about it being a limited job and well I was disappointed but of course I'm going to try it out.

Let's talk about the first implantation of the Blue Mage job last expansion. Level 50 max... ok ok so not great, but I thought I could still have some fun. Do some skill gathering. Some farming, but my most excited idea was soloing PotD with my new limited job. Cause you know... PotD is the best solo content in the game. Then I heard we wouldn't be able to run deep dungeons with it. So to say I was disappointed is the understatement of the decade.

Well lets see what happens. We have the masked carnival. Could be fun right? Maybe?

Let me go on record and say the first round of blue mage was trash at best. It was boring, not as flexable as you would like. And outside the carnival the only real thing to do was kill mobs. It sucked to put it frank. I blasted it to 50, learned a bunch of spells did a bit of the mask carnival and quit. Never touched it again.

So then we get to this expansion. I heard more blue mage content. Literally could care less about it. Til it came... Mimic for one actually makes you feel like your taking on those roles. Although its a mimic and its not balanced for crap it's so much better now then before. With the new spells, the fact its guaranteed learning if you do the fight sync'd. *Seriously best QoL I have ever seen for a job* And the blue mage log running old difficult content synced for challenges I was actually excited again. I blitzed my main instead of my alt all the way to 60. I been learning spells, completed the first 25 floors of Mask Carnival as well as 30. And finishing up some of the harder to get spells. Super excited to go back and run some of the old Alex savages synced that you can no longer find people willing to do. Life is pretty good....

In theory...…

So why in theory Panda. I feel a rant coming on... WHY IN THEORY?!?

Well let me tell you why....

These blue mage's are some of the most casual, snowflake mother ******* I have ever seen. Garuda EX. You know how many different attempts I had to do to finish this fight synced. Bruh... BRUH LET ME TELL YOU

People that only care about hanging out in Limsa, doing gpose while erping out trying to get carried through content they have no idea about. Prepulling with no countdown, wiping once for party disbanding, snowflake ass people. Now I remember why I get so salty running 24 man content with all the casuals. I mean holy crap you could put in a bit of research before jumping in a fight you have no idea what your doing.

And lets talk about the tanking. Why SE had to make your provoke a 4 yalm AoE provoke... like wtf. I have farts that travel farther then 4 yalms. Then you make it AoE. So like Coil 1... Snakes split together. Like bruh you could have made it easier without me having to taunt both of them.

Then what about these tanks spamming "The Look" which is a threat based Line AoE. Like Warrior's overpower skill. How about I spam the shit out of that onto all the adds. Why can't you get your add Panda. Why are you struggling. Bruh why you got to be spamming AoE threat moves on my add. Let me get hate and move it before you go balls deep again with the look. Which you don't even need fam. Might Guard acts like tank stance. You won't lose threat with normal skills. But no you see increases enimity and you think you need to spam that stuff like its jelly on a PB and J.

Bruh this sweaty blue mage content going to be the death of me.

Anyways to sum up things I would like to see to make Blue Mage pretty decent.

1. Allow it in Deep Dungeons as a SOLO job only. This keeps it from breaking the content since Blue Mage is so strong. Also give it its own rankings so doesn't mess with other people's already accomplished records.

2. Fix tank mimic. Frog legs, increase range and make it single target. Give it some mitigation spells instead of Diamondback on everything

3. Fix Heal Mimic. Make some heals like white wind OGCD with a cool down or something like that.

Anyways stay salty lodestone.
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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

I did most of blue mage before I got sick, I only have the new coil 1 spell and the last 2 in the caravale to get. What I saw.

A. from what I can see, there is NO reason to do the logs other than for completions sake unless you do the EX/savage stuff for the mount.

B. People are LAZY asses, no one EVER wants to tank and very few want to heal. In hard stuff like Coil, you NEED mimic tanks/healers or you will NOT get anywhere! I, of course, mimiced healer a lot of the time once I got it.

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

IMO, delete the whole idea of limited jobs and make blue mage more fun by allowing it to be part of 100% of the game....

People could argue it’s op but it could easily be adapted

Ember Cinder

Faerie (Aether)

It was fun having an excuse to run content.

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

ive finished all skills except the ones that come from tokens for beating the carnival.
Ive cleared 20 or so of the 30 stages so far.

was fun for a bit...i enjoyed the running of old dungeons/trials with full synced blu grps!

i still gotta finish stage 25 to continue the class quests...and some of the newer stages as well...we shall see what this new year brings!
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