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No victory in bargain battle.

I am a creator who makes and sells things.
I noticed something while selling various things online.
That is, time-consuming and labor-intensive work should be done with money.
"The time is money"
Time and effort are valuable resources in life. It's a professional taboo to do it for free.
You should be aware that you are reducing the value of your time and effort and creating a cause for cheaper disposables.
It is a loss of society to waste your resources without a fair price.

Bargaining is indispensable for business.
If you lose the negotiation, you will end up selling yourself at 10% of the original value.

It is an era when business is established on the Internet.
Why don't you think about the meaning of "time is money" again?
It seems that the days when games were only fictitious are over.


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Yuko Melgen

Ultima (Gaia)


Yuko Melgen

Ultima (Gaia)


Yuko Melgen

Ultima (Gaia)


Aomine Ishvalen

Odin (Light)

Yes, time is money.

Ellisar Loravalur

Behemoth (Primal)

The hardest lesson lies in learning how to recognize and value your own talents.
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