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Aegis (Elemental)

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10 Years of Eorzea. 10 Years of Adventure.

On this very same day, 24th of October 2010, I started my Journey in Eorzea.
This was the very first picture I took! I felt quite nostalgic yesterday in seeing the photos of my old Adventures!

At that time, I was heavily injured in the real world, could barely walk, not much hope from docs.
It’s said that when you have very little, you learn to appreciate more of everything.

I guess that’s why I was one of the few adventurers who loved Eorzea from the beginning. When that world was still flawed, I could see the beauty in it... probably because I was flawed, too!

The world of Eorzea kept me company at that time. All the explorations, the challenges, the Adventures, the friends met.
I remember them all. I remember Miqo’te Chocco, my walk friend Hyur Barossyu, my landscape Elezen friend Yatsukahagi, the Lalafell Terumi and her events with the great Japanese community, and... well, so many.
I made this video a long time ago, they’re almost all there!

And... I remember my Roegadyn friend Leonhart Arthur. The last time I heard of him, he had a serious illness. My sincere hope that he and all the other friends of the past, wherever they are, they’re in peace.
This picture was done by Lalafell Shelldy for one of our community events! I think we were in Gridania...

In 2013, my determination made me rise again. I managed to heal my body as best as I could, I could learn a wonderful job from the ground up, and finally started to travel.
I unexpectedly healed my body so well, that I could develop a passion for hiking and mountain climbing! I learned to sail a boat and the passion for exploration which I discovered in Eorzea exploded in the real world as well!
Additionally, the love I discovered in the real world for traveling by sail boat, a couple of years ago made me resume being a Fisher in Eorzea as well, a Job I had to let go in the past years due to limited time. Hah, so many explorations as a Fisher in the old Eorzea: I remember where exploration was really thrilling and after avoiding Doomvoid Guivres and their Caudal Spine I reached Proud Creek, a hidden place so many years ago. Great memories!
Or when I discovered Gwyr-Aen in Coerthas, wondering how Ishgard would look from the inside...

I’m absolutely sure that the love for those Adventures in the virtual world back when I couldn’t do them in the real world, positively conditioned me. As that was my true nature!
After 2013 I started living again my Adventures in the real world, but I never forgot about Eorzea.
When I was in a dangerous situation up in a mountain or lost in the deep woods, I was always smiling, even the times where I risked to fall from cliffs, aware that I could not use Return!
When in Nature, when I’m near the trees, in front of the sea, I’m always in my habitat, I’m always happy.
And when on a boat onward the Azores Islands, I remember once when I put “Borderless” as music as I was looking at the horizon from the bow, and felt like flying for real.

Of course, some things in the real world are prohibited, like wearing a Subligar in the street. /sigh
Gosh, I remember that day when I discovered the Subligar in Eorzea...! I was trying a new strong equipment in La Noscea, and that was it! The Subligar Surprise! Too bad no new Subligaria were added anymore... nor the Legendary Golden Subligar I’ve been craving to find for years... So I became G.S.O, Great Subliman Onizuka!

When I could, I always returned to Eorzea. In difficult moments, Eorzea was there to relax me. This year as well, when I was forced to stop traveling and stop the research I was doing.
When I resumed it, I used all my energy for a dream of so long time ago, a dream that I also had in Eorzea, but could not fulfill there: Buy my house by the beloved sea.

Yes, in Eorzea I’ve also always wanted to buy a house near my dear Limsa Lominsa (Navigator’s Glory will always be my theme for that city!), but since I could not guarantee to come back every 3 months, I could never do that.

I managed to find a certain house in the *real* world, though.
And for a coincidence... the setting of this village is extreeemely similar to Mist!!! Except not so white, but the landscape is very very similar.
And for another coincidence, the (former) owner chose today, THIS very day of my Anniversary in Eorzea, as the day to sign the contract.
I’ve journeyed so much in the past years. Saw beautiful landscapes, different cultures, so much art. Now that I finally found “my place”, I think I’ll settle down for a while...

Fulfilling a dream is something of incredible difficulty, far harder than any wish. Today is really a Great day for me.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there and had to do everything from distance, as just a few days ago I tested positive to the COVID virus. Something that not even as a level 80 Alchemist I can fix...! If the quite aggressive symptoms do not pass, I’ll be forced to go to the Hospital Instanced Raid, a truly hellish place. I’m doing my best to heal. But I’m glad that, no matter what, now I have my House of Dreams.

Yet, there may be a downside: living in a house by the sea is pure beauty, but internet connection is a problem, particularly for this place.
I’ll be very happy when I’ll finish prepare the house and have that as my home base... but I’ll surely miss Eorzea, if I will not be able to come back every now and then. And Miqo’tes too... Sigh, I would miss to spy... I mean, to meet Miqo’tes.
I already did some connection tests and will do everything I can to have Eorzea exist there, too.

Just in case I will not be able to return, and to make preparations for relocation, I returned in this virtual world a few days ago. I was so happy that now I could fly in the areas that I loved from the start! I remember when they said it would never be possible... but now they made it!!!

I spoke with the remaining friends from the past, still adventuring in this world. Thanks to Aya, Muller and Opa, who also cheered for me as I was searching for my house and fighting the Level 99 Notorious Monster Burocracy. We managed to catch up and Adventure together once again this evening. I resumed my old Crafter's Outfit for the occasion!

I made this huge post to express my deep gratitude to the creators of Eorzea and to the following improvements and expansion of this world.
The Adventurer’s Spirit that I discovered here, when in the real world I could not express it, helped me to understand that, when I was able to walk and climb again, sail magnificent seas, challenge cliffs and forests... real life can also be a wonderful Adventure! And that Spirit I discovered as an injured young man in a game world became a part of me and still is in my daily life.

I wish this message could reach the development team somehow... and my friends of the past Eorzea. Wherever you are, you’re in my thoughts and in my prayers. I’ll always hope to see you again one day. And Adventure together once more.

Thank you truly.

Kommentare (10)

Shin Zantetsu

Ragnarok (Chaos)

nice to read! "my Eorzea" is just shattering to pieces! I was (pre-)alpha tester and early access player since 2010-September-22 (original game) standing at the same place whenever crafting or idle, and since 5 weeks i'm flooded by bots here! SE will not only lose the 200 Euro+ per year for the account but also many hundred Euro for merchandising I'm not gonna buy anymore! I had fun like you, but am sad and frustrated right now! I wish you good luck and hope they don't come near you!

Selaine Hautefort

Faerie (Aether)

I enjoy reading your blog. Really enjoyed the video, it brought back some memories from launch day and starting out in Ul'Dahl. I will never forget my first adventure outside the city doing my first leve and seeing so so many people. Even though the game itself has been through many changes both good and bad Eorzea is still my all-time favorite place to be. I do miss the actual boat rides in the game. I wish you good luck and hope you have a chance to return to Eorzea :)

Opapa Opa

Aegis (Elemental)

Hi Cloudio! It was great to meet up again. I forgot you had started a blog on the new Lodestone! I only posted once; it's a different experience these days. And I'm quite a different Lala.

Europe and the Americas aren't doing as well as Asia on the covid19 front. I worry. These days I escape to Eorzea more often.

For some old footage, I recommend the Speakers network, although you probably know about them:

Hope to see you back soon!

Aya Ishida

Aegis (Elemental)

Hello Cloudio! You need a Miqote comment here ^^
Thank you for coming by this evening even though you must be feeling very tired. I hope and pray that you will get well soon, and we hope we will see you again even for a short while in Eorzea.I am like Opa and Eorzea gives me peace at the end of the day - I felt that it was the only thing that helped me heal when I was sick last year. I am grateful for your friendship and I really hope you fell better soon ^^ Keep in touch!

Cloudio Onizuka

Aegis (Elemental)

Shin Zantetsu:
"Your" Eorzea cannot be shattered! It's deep in your Heart! In Aegis I've hardly ever seen those kind of people. I'm sure that if you want, you'll be able to find a solution and keep on enjoying this beautiful world! /cheer

Selaine Hautefort:
Thanks for sharing your memories with me. You know, I've always wondered (and hoped) if one day we'll have our own boat in Eorzea... It would be Great!

Cloudio Onizuka

Aegis (Elemental)

It was Great to Adventure together again. We met on the old Lodestone 9 years ago after all! And yesterday we discovered we reaaaaally love brooms! /psych
I'm glad that you could finish the story and are continuing to enjoy your Adventures. See you soon!

Yes! I'm doing my best to heal from this evil virus, as my Home by the sea is waiting for me. That gives me determination to hold on.
I'll try to come in Eorzea in the next few days. Great that we could see each other yesterday! /hug

Lalli Physalis

Sargatanas (Aether)

That was very inspiring, especially since I've been dealing with some injuries lately. I really enjoyed your screenshots from the OG FFXIV. Felt like looking at historical archives! I hope you'll get well soon so you can enjoy your beautiful house by the sea.

Cloudio Onizuka

Aegis (Elemental)

Thank you, Lalli Physalis. I'm doing my best to heal from this new virus.
I wish you also to get better with your injuries and continue to enjoy your Adventures in Eorzea and beyond! /psych

Opabinia Cambrium

Excalibur (Primal)

Hi Cloudio! My Moon Keeper sisters and myself had a coin toss over who would reply to your post, and I lost, so here goes!

Thank you for these lovely Bodhum memories. I'm still happy I threw that snowball at you back in 1.x. It was the first one I threw at anyone! And you caught it perfectly! /thumbsup

Things sure have changed in Excalibur. Without you chasing us we have become so lazy! We're not even ready for Stormblood yet /sulk.

Please take good care of yourself! Till we meet again.

Cloudio Onizuka

Aegis (Elemental)

Miqo'te Opabinia...! Long time no see! I remember very well your snowball in Gridania, as well as your sisters! You were the first one I met, back in the Summer Festival of 2011.

In the past couple of days I seem to have regained a bit of STR, so maybe tomorrow we will catch up with your Lala sister. But yes, I miss you Miqo'tes... /sigh
I hope to see your tail again one day!
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