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A Relaxing Week of Final Fantasy

Due to personal issues going on at the moment I had to take a week off work to relax, destress and just focus on myself. So I decided that I would try and do things that I keep meaning to but never usually do. I have gone on more walks, at least one a day if I can, I've caught up on some TV shows and been playing several games.

First one I've been playing is of course Final Fantasy XIV. This week I've been grinding hard so I can get an apartment, which I finally managed to on Friday. Houses are too expensive unless I research and work the market and comes with risks unless I log in each month. So the apartment seemed like the best option. It may be small but they're cheap, do what I need them to and am not at risk of losing it if I don't pay real money so I'm happy with it.
I'm still reaching my second goal of getting that Squall card for defeating 30 unique NPC's. 28 down and only 2 more to go. So close!
Also the Hildebrand quests are amazing, they're so fun!

Because of my love for Triple Triad I've decided to make my own. I've gotten most of them edited (both sides) I just need to do the hero cards then add the elements then it's getting them printed and finally laminated. I'll post the final results here when I'm all done. Even thinking of making themed sets from other Final Fantasy games starting with VII.

And lastly I've discovered a very interesting mod for FFVIII called Succession. Essentially it reworks the story solely through it's dialogue which gives it a very different feeling. There's no amnesia plotline, everyone knows who each other is and there's big changes in the story that really make a difference. I've only just passed the SeeD exam and I'm really excited to find out what happens.
It really feels like a reboot so it gives a fresh feeling to the game.

I hope everyone out there is doing really well amid everything that's going on and you all stay safe!
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