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Veridian Shadow 15: Divinity Invitation

In Doxies Lab

Doxie was making the Lightoriom elixir for Klaus. Luxius was laying on Lillia’s lap sleeping. She petted his hair while he was sleeping. Marlana, Giunei, Ercus and Ruvie were looking over Doxie to see the elixir but....

“Ahh come on you all can I have some space.”said Doxie in her goggles pouting at everyone.

“But Lady Doxie what if it explodes on you..”said Ercus worried.

Doxie straighten her goggles and continued mixing the ingredients.

“Ohh no it won’t do that cause this magic will suppress it.”said Doxie casting a suppression spell.

She poked the bottle of elixir and it was casted a barrier around it. Ercus and Ruvie are amazed by this then wrote it down. Giunei sat on a chair and looked over to Marlana to see her skirt glowing.

“Marlana your skirt it’s glowing.”said Giunei pointing at her skirt.

“Huh? Ohh!”said Marlana looking down at her skirt.

She took out the Aetherial Glass of Time and saw it was glowing blue.

“Hmm is that a clock on the top of it Marlana?”said Giunei asking her.

“Mhmm right now it’s at the edge so Klaus and Kawina should be finishing up any moment.”said Marlana smiling at Giunei.

“That’s amazing hmm?”said Giunei looking over to Doxie and the others.

Doxie was mixing the light camellias and some type of water together for the elixir to be complete. A puff of magical smoke shot up a bit. Ercus and Ruvie were amazed by the progress of the medicine.

“A touch of my Magic and....”said Doxie sprinkling a little drop of water magic into the cup.

The cup glowed with magic aether then turned into a light blue color. Doxie gently grabs the cup and pours it into the elixir bottle then seals it up with a certain type of magical seal.

“Done!”said Doxie putting her goggles above her head.

“Well that was easy but, question will it work Lady Doxie?”said Ercus crossing his arms wondering.

Doxie took her coat off and sets it on the crystal chair. Giunei looked over and saw another coat but, it had light patterns on it.

“Lady Doxie that coat over there..”said Giunei pointing at it.

Ercus and Ruvie looked at the coat as well.

“Ohh I didn’t notice it till now.”said Ercus looking at it too.

Doxie looked at the coat that everyone was looking at and smiled.

“You guys noticed it well I’ll tell you all. I’m one of the Asuras of Light.”said Doxie smiling.

“What!!!”said Ruvie and Ercus surprised.

“I figured cause the two Light sword seal s on your back.” said Marlana pointing at it.

Doxie’s back has two golden sword like seals on her back and bandages covering her lower back. She puts on her coat and crossed her arms looking up at everyone.

“I wanted to wait to till y’all figured especially my assistants because they wondered how I was so super spell crazy.” said Doxie smiling at everyone.

“Super spell crazy?” said Lillia wondering.

Doxie pointed at something next to her coat.

“Whoa is that a scepter?" said Giunei amazed.

"Yep I call it "Lasting Hope" or in short "Hope's Wing" cause of the wings it has." said Doxie pointing at the wings on her weapon.

"Ohh thats amaz- Oh its done!" said Marlana taking out her aetherial glass.

Doxie's ears perk up and so did Ruvies and Ercus too. Lillia and Giunei were shocked. Marlana sets the aetherial glass on the floor and grew bigger. The aetherial glass glowed and summoned a portal.

Klaus walked out first he was still the same but, he has little sin eater wings on his head a bit. He fell flat on his face in the ground exhausted and with mini cheesecakes floating around his head. Kawina walked out with a new red vest and a peach skirt. Everyone was amazed by Kawinas change and Marlana teared up with a smile.

"Your back to normal.." said Marlana wiping her tears.

"I know im super happy Miss Marlana." said Kawina smiling brightly.

Kawina looked over at Klaus then smiled warmly at him. She went over to him and gave him a warm hug.

"It was thanks to Klaus that I finally got my magic up and going." said Kawina hugging Klaus.

"Aww cheesecake Kawina you're welcome." said Klaus scratching his head blushing a little.

Doxie looked at Klaus and her eyes turned into sparkles.

"Ohh you must be the cutie dwarf everyone is talking about!!"said Doxie in a different tone.

"Uhh Lady Doxie?"said Giunei confused.

"Is she..."said Lillia concerned.

"Ohh umm yes thats me...huh?!"said Klaus nodded.

Doxie out of nowhere hugged Klaus like a stuffed animal. Everyone was shocked by Doxies behavior.

"Ohh oh cheesecake I can't breath its nice to meet you.."said Klaus turning red and out of breath.

"Ohh you nice little dwarf im Doxina but, everyone calls me Doxie."said Doxie hugging Klaus still.

Klaus turned blue and everyone was trying to calm Doxie' goofy personality.

'Lady Doxie I can't breath you can let me go now..."said Klaus turning white.

Klaus wheezed a bit and fell to the ground.

"Ohh im terribly sorry Klaus are you ok?" said Doxie picking him up.

"(Shes so cute when shes like that.)"said Ruvie in her thoughts shocked.

"(Wicked white Lady Doxie... )" said Ercus in his thoughts shocked.

"(Ohh my cheesecake shes strong!)"said Klaus in his thoughts passed out.

"Klaus we have cheesecake!" said Marlana.

Klaus snapped out of it and looked up surprised.

"Where? Where?!"said Klaus looking around.

Marlana, Giunei, Kawina, and Lillia giggled. Ercus and Ruvie laughed as well. Doxie made lovely dovey eyes at Klaus then snapped back and smiled.

"Oh sorry that personality of mines tends to slip out but, anywho are you the one thats half sin eater and half mortal." said Doxie examining Klaus.

"Yes thats me." said Klaus nodded.

"Ohh judging by the wings on your back and head you managed to keep yourself sane. Incredible!" said Ercus amazed at Klaus.

"Yes its very good development there."said Ruvie smiling at Klaus.

Klaus scratched his head with a smile and looked at his Eikon seal.

"(Its still safe but, Klaus 2 and Omnia are still..)"said Klaus in his thoughts worried.

Klaus looked back with a smile at Doxie.

"Oh did you guys find a cure for my little transformation." said Klaus asking Doxie.

"Ohh thats right did you all have something for Klaus?" said Kawina wondering.

Marlana and the others smiled at Kawina and Klaus. Doxie picked the Lightorium Elixir up from the table. Klaus looked at it with amazement.

"Whoa what is that?" said Klaus wondering.

"This my friend the Lightorium Elixir. It will heal and restore you back to normal however, it takes a couple of days for it to work." said Doxie explaining to Klaus.

"Oh thats amazing its like the elixirs I seen at home." said Klaus looking at it.

Doxie giggled a bit then hands the elixir over to Klaus.

"Any side effects I need to know?" said Klaus asking Doxie.

"So far I just made it but, I suggest you take it whenever you feel. Please take it cause what I'm sensing within you it looks like the Light is dormant and slowly taking over but, whatever is holding it together from running amok its working." said Doxie in a serious tone.

Klaus nodded then looked at his back.

"(My Eikon seal is protecting my very being from getting out of control.)"said Klaus in his thoughts serious.

Suddenly, Everyone heard a door knock from outside.

"Ohh Wicked white I hope its not from the Nights blessed or that other group." said Doxie walking to the door.

As She opened the door a letter with Eulmores banner appeared on it. Doxie picked up the letter.

"Huh Eulmore? Of course... " said Doxie looking at it with a disappointed look.

She opened it and it had crown on top of the paper. She reads it quietly and everyone was concerned.

"Anything wrong Lady Doxie?" said Ercus asking her.

"Yeah it looks like you have a letter." said Ruvie looking at what Doxies holding.

Luxius wakes up and sees Klaus and Kawina are back from training. Lillia smiled at Luxius and pats his head. Doxie walks over to Marlana and hands over the letter. They go outside and closed the door.

"Huh is it bad?" said Klaus wondering while holding the elixir.

"I'm not sure.." said Kawina wondering too.

Outside Doxies lab.

Doxie and Marlana were talking about the letter she got from Eulmore.

"A gala and a recruitment for the Ephemeral Knights?!" said Marlana shocked

"Exactly but, I got a feeling their trying to expand cause the Primordial Lights on each area including Raktika are back to normal and night skies." said Doxie explaining.

"And another thing is that they not only want us to come by but, the Asuras of Light and some of the adventurers from all over Norvrandt. I have a bad feeling about this." said Marlana concerned.

Doxie and Marlana looked at the night sky wondering about the situation coming soon.

In Kholusia.

At the beach Sinro was alone looking at the sea and the Primordial light. He looks down and sees a reflection of himself. Suddenly, Sin eater were about to attack him with full force. With quick movement Sinro ended them with a single slash from his katana and they dissipated. He looked up at the Primordial Light.

"Where are you friend.." said Sinro silently.

To Be Continued.
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