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  • Was ist eine Freie Gesellschaft?

    Eine Gruppe auf deiner Stammwelt, der du dich anschließen kannst.

    Oft als „FG“ abgekürzt. Die Freie Gesellschaft ist eine geschlossene Gruppe mit eigenem Chat und Anspruch auf ein gemeinsames Haus. Darüber hinaus bieten spezielle Kommandos temporäre Bonus-Routine und andere Vorteile.

    Der Charakter einer Freien Gesellschaft wird durch ihre Mitglieder definiert. Umso wichtiger ist es, dass du eine FG findest, die gut zu dir passt.

  • Was ist ein (Welten-)Kontaktkreis?

    Ein zweckbestimmter Chat, der nur Mitgliedern offen steht.

    Oft als „KK“ und „WKK“ abgekürzt. Der Kontaktkreis ist ein dedizierter, privater Chat, dem man nur mit Einladung beitreten kann. Im Gegensatz zur Freien Gesellschaft kannst du allerdings mehreren Kontaktkreisen angehören. So eignet sich ein Kontaktkreis perfekt für ein bestimmtes Thema, wie die Hohe Jagd, das Angeln und andere Beschäftigungen.

    Kontaktkreis: Eine Chatgruppe mit Mitgliedern deiner Stammwelt. Spieler anderer Welten können nicht beitreten.
    Weltenkontaktkreis: Eine weltenübergreifende Chatgruppe, der Spieler desselben Datenzentrums beitreten können.
  • Was ist ein PvP-Team?

    Ein auf PvP spezialisiertes Team.

    Ein PvP-Team qualifiziert dich zur Teilnahme an gewerteten Kämpfen von „The Feast“. Die Teams mit der höchsten Wertung erhalten spezielle Belohnungen und die Erlaubnis, an Turnieren teilzunehmen.

    PvP: Auf Spieler-gegen-Spieler ausgerichtete Inhalte.
Freie Gesellschaft

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#Less is More
#Berufstätige willkommen
#Hochstufige Inhalte
Hello, and welcome to our recruitment page! Finally, a comprehensive way to look for like-minded people via Lodestone!

We are currently looking for people available in the early evening and late evening hours (US time zones)!

About Us
EorzeanDefenseSystem (EDS) was founded on 11/12/13, though several of us have been playing since 1.x. Many of us are also former FFXI players, and as a result, we are very focused on community! We have always considered ourselves a small/medium FC. This is intentional, as we seek to find that precious sweet spot between having enough people to reasonably accomplish our goals as a group and ensuring most members know each other and no one remains a stranger for long. Our members range from veterans pursuing the Ultimate/Savage fights to new players still finding their footing as they explore the whole of Eorzea for the very first time.

Emphasis on Community & Teamwork
This is probably the most defining feature of our FC. While individual pursuits and playtime will understandably vary from player to player, we ultimately seek people who have a mind to work together toward common goals. These goals could be as simple as doing maps or Duty roulettes, exploring Eureka/Bozja together, clearing the latest Extremes, or just FATE farming. Some people in the FC do raid, with some preferring statics and some using PF. A lot of us really enjoy helping each other out, and we will frequently organize events on our Discord server for anyone who wants to tag along, regardless of experience with that content. First clears will be prioritized over farms. Attending events is not required (nor should you feel pressured to join if you'd rather do something else). However, we are looking for the type of people who actively want to help others on a regular basis, even when there's nothing in it for them... because, in doing so, we will all improve as a team.

We Support Each Other
The FC chest remains stocked with food, pots and other items one might need to enjoy the more difficult content in the game. We attained Rank 30 not long after it was added by simply working together and utilizing the best methods available to us (GC turn ins for anyone curious/wanting to achieve the same). We use a community Discord to post information, chat and organize events. In addition, we have a large Google spreadsheet to keep track of certain information that might be of interest, such as what Extreme/Savage mounts people have acquired and still need.

Helping & Learning
Naturally, some players are more experienced than others when it comes to more difficult content. If you are new to a fight, we'll do our best to not only help you learn the fight, but also optimize your specific job (if you ask for that kind of assistance). You will never be shamed for your performance. If you are an experienced player, please be patient with newer players as they learn. Remember: the more members we bring up to speed, the stronger we will be as a whole, the easier farms will become, and the more efficient we will be at fulfilling our goals.

We are a Mature FC
While the majority of our FC members are in their 30s or late 20s, I do not believe maturity is necessarily defined by age. In our case, a "mature" player could be defined as a patient, calm person who won't become overly aggressive/rude when facing a difficult obstacle in this game. It is incredibly important that, no matter how stressful something might seem, we never lose sight of the respect we should hold for each other as fellow human beings. You don't need to love spending time with everyone in the FC, but you do need to learn how to work together with people you may not typically spend time with in your everyday life.

Beyond the Game
Most FC members live in the United States, with a large portion residing on the East Coast. As a result, our most active times are during evenings and weekends. Scheduled events will usually occur in the evening, but anyone is welcome to throw groups together at any time. As we have been in existence since 2013, many of us have met each other in person over the years. We even attended a RL FC wedding a few years back! Before the 2020 Fan Fest was canceled, we had plans to attend as a large group together. We even had custom t-shirts made for the occasion, complete with commissioned artwork for the front (what you see as our main image above, created by @floatyskye on Twitter) and character name/job icon on the back. Side note: Many of our members are part of the LGBTQ+ community in some way. Although I wouldn't say this is a "defining" characteristic of our FC, you should know this and be comfortable with it if you are interested in joining.

Please send me a /t ingame if you'd like to chat! I'm interested in hearing what you are looking for in an FC and if you think we might be a good fit.











Lavendelbeete 6. Bezirk, 11 [Mittel]


Beyond Cuddledome


Tausche dich mit den Mitgliedern dieser Community aus!



Ryuko KanzeonHyperion (Primal)


My ingame name has been Ryuko Kanzeon since the launch of 1.0. I began on Melmond, which merged with Aegis, and then I chose to transfer to Hyperion when Aegis was designated to a JP datacenter at the start of ARR. This FC was founded shortly after the Binding Coil of Bahamut was released, partially as a haven for static members and partially as a shared vision for a tightknit community. Truthfully, our FC is happy with the numbers we currently have, but we'd never turn away someone interested in joining what we are continuing to build. We would also like to expand our active hours to accommodate players available in the early and late evenings of US time zones.

As for me... I am a raider, but I also enjoy PvP and any content that allows people to improve as both individual players and as a collective team. I stream on Twitch (Ultimate/Savage content), as do some other members of the FC. You'll never be included in a stream without your knowledge/permission.


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