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  • Was ist eine Freie Gesellschaft?

    Eine Gruppe auf deiner Stammwelt, der du dich anschließen kannst.

    Oft als „FG“ abgekürzt. Die Freie Gesellschaft ist eine geschlossene Gruppe mit eigenem Chat und Anspruch auf ein gemeinsames Haus. Darüber hinaus bieten spezielle Kommandos temporäre Bonus-Routine und andere Vorteile.

    Der Charakter einer Freien Gesellschaft wird durch ihre Mitglieder definiert. Umso wichtiger ist es, dass du eine FG findest, die gut zu dir passt.

  • Was ist ein (Welten-)Kontaktkreis?

    Ein zweckbestimmter Chat, der nur Mitgliedern offen steht.

    Oft als „KK“ und „WKK“ abgekürzt. Der Kontaktkreis ist ein dedizierter, privater Chat, dem man nur mit Einladung beitreten kann. Im Gegensatz zur Freien Gesellschaft kannst du allerdings mehreren Kontaktkreisen angehören. So eignet sich ein Kontaktkreis perfekt für ein bestimmtes Thema, wie die Hohe Jagd, das Angeln und andere Beschäftigungen.

    Kontaktkreis: Eine Chatgruppe mit Mitgliedern deiner Stammwelt. Spieler anderer Welten können nicht beitreten.
    Weltenkontaktkreis: Eine weltenübergreifende Chatgruppe, der Spieler desselben Datenzentrums beitreten können.
  • Was ist ein PvP-Team?

    Ein auf PvP spezialisiertes Team.

    Ein PvP-Team qualifiziert dich zur Teilnahme an gewerteten Kämpfen von „The Feast“. Die Teams mit der höchsten Wertung erhalten spezielle Belohnungen und die Erlaubnis, an Turnieren teilzunehmen.

    PvP: Auf Spieler-gegen-Spieler ausgerichtete Inhalte.
Freie Gesellschaft

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#Active Discord
#Neulinge willkommen
#Aktive Gruppe
#Hochstufige Inhalte
We are a group of LGBTQIA+ friends, looking to find more awesome people! Our members are interested in all sorts of different activities, but what holds us together is our community and the fun we have together. Most of our communication happens through Discord, either text or voice. We are a community in which every voice matters. We have a suggestions channel in discord and every member who has been around a week can vote on how the Free Company functions. Rank 2 FC buffs are always active, and can be changed by request at any time. Message Sparkatarka#8544 or Bread#0001 for general recruitment questions and information, or message our #RaidDaddy at TheHamsterGod#3227 for interest in static raiding. Not all of our members are raiders, but we are looking for enough people to fill out a second static so let us know if you're interested!


Universal, Human Standards:

1. Treat everyone with respect
Argue the position, not the person. Targeted insults, passive-aggression, or manipulative bullstuff will not be tolerated here (or elsewhere). We will iron-fist you to the curb. (/r/Iamverybadass)

2. Take responsibility for yourself
If you screw up, just own it. We can only learn from the mistakes we're willing to admit, so don't be a baby about it. There is no shame here.

3. Be kind, even when it is the most difficult choice
A hard ask, but let's make a conscious effort on this one. We all want a place we can feel comfortable in. Try to be humble, patient, and forgiving.

Community Expectations:

This is an Aristocracy
Everyone has a voice, and decisions are considered by council. As such, you are free to discuss anything here (Operative word = Discuss). Take your personal issues to DMs, if it cannot be respectfully argued in #deep-discussions.

Push to Talk (PTT) Discord Server
On the subject of voices: We work on a strike system - please be careful not to eat audibly on mic or have too much background noise. If we have to ask you to go to push to talk too many times, you will be set to push to talk. We do not want to hear the abhorrent torture chamber your neighbor keeps in their basement. Keep yourself (and us) from the embarrassment of your credit card number being read aloud to strangers.

Please Note
It is your prerogative to Mute any Discord channels or categories you do not wish to participate in. The Degeneracy category has been separated for your convenience. We will not hold your hand when it comes to your personal-level of censorship.

Free Company Perks:

As of this official inception of the Free Company, we will begin offering these benefits to all members of the in-game community:

- Rank 3 Combat XP Buffs (Weekends)
- Thavnairian Onions (upon level / request)
- Chocobo Stable training
- Shard / Crystal / Cluster supplementation for Crafters
- Curious Crop material supplementation for Crafters
- 50,000 Gil Stimulus upon recruitment, if under level-70.
- 150,000 Gil Stimulus upon @Stratos promotion
- Scheduled Free Company vault-funded Map groups (Free-roll on loot)

To be provided with any of these benefits, please send a request to any Aristos.











Shirogane 19. Bezirk, 37 [Groß]


An Expensive Box


Tausche dich mit den Mitgliedern dieser Community aus!



Sergeant GrumpsZalera (Crystal)



Community-Mitglied Aldruhn EmberheartZalera (Crystal)

A great group to hang and run content with, honestly one of the only reasons I still play the game.


Community-Mitglied Bijou HamhamZalera (Crystal)

All Lalas welcome to join. FC Leader is a grumpy old man who refuses to admit he loves them. You're encouraged to harass him with your cuteness.


Percival SaintcrossZalera (Crystal)

A wonderful group to hang out with and raid with. Very friendly and very welcoming!


Community-Mitglied Sergeant GrumpsZalera (Crystal)

These people keep making me hang out with them, and I just want to take a nap. It's the worst.


Community-Mitglied Jay TempoZalera (Crystal)

i use to be a loser and no women wanted me then they took in a sprout like me and taught me how to do savage raids. now? well... women still dont want me, BUT i am way better geared now!


Community-Mitglied Tony WithersZalera (Crystal)

just trying to join to play with a bunch of my friends in this company


-- -- ----

Greetings! I'm new to Zalera and looking for a FC to call home. Your community has caught my attention and I would love to have the opportunity to join. Thank you for your time and consideration!


Community-Mitglied Sergeant GrumpsZalera (Crystal)

Good morning. Feel free to get ahold of us in-game or via the Discord handles. I should be around most of the day.

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-- -- ----

Thank you for having me in the FC! You guys have already made me feel at home.

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0 / 500


Daiki KonekoZalera (Crystal)

Hey! I just transferred to Zalera from Louisoux and i'm looking for a friendly fc ^^ Are you still accepting new members?


Community-Mitglied Sergeant GrumpsZalera (Crystal)

We're absolutely looking for new friends. Feel free to find one of us in-game, or shoot a message at one of the Discord handles in the description.

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0 / 500


Community-Mitglied Werlyn ZhaanZalera (Crystal)

Hello. I am a WoW refugee that started playing ff14 about a month ago. I’m currently running through the MSQ but looking for a FC to call home. I am a night hawk as well working overnights. So I’m on at all odd hours. I am currently leveling tanking jobs with a love for the paladin. Thanks for reading and the consideration.


Community-Mitglied Haldor AvaeZalera (Crystal)

I am new to the game and looking for a good FC. What is the best way to find one of you in game to chat about the FC?


Community-Mitglied Bored PertinaxZalera (Crystal)

I figured I should start looking for an FC and this seems like a really cool one. I'd really like to join.


Community-Mitglied Cora ElysiaZalera (Crystal)

Hi! We'd love to have you. Next time you're online, feel free to message me on Cora Elysia and I can send you an invite, or add me on Discord at Bread#0001 and we can figure out a time to make it happen. :)

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