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  • Was ist eine Freie Gesellschaft?

    Eine Gruppe auf deiner Stammwelt, der du dich anschließen kannst.

    Oft als „FG“ abgekürzt. Die Freie Gesellschaft ist eine geschlossene Gruppe mit eigenem Chat und Anspruch auf ein gemeinsames Haus. Darüber hinaus bieten spezielle Kommandos temporäre Bonus-Routine und andere Vorteile.

    Der Charakter einer Freien Gesellschaft wird durch ihre Mitglieder definiert. Umso wichtiger ist es, dass du eine FG findest, die gut zu dir passt.

  • Was ist ein (Welten-)Kontaktkreis?

    Ein zweckbestimmter Chat, der nur Mitgliedern offen steht.

    Oft als „KK“ und „WKK“ abgekürzt. Der Kontaktkreis ist ein dedizierter, privater Chat, dem man nur mit Einladung beitreten kann. Im Gegensatz zur Freien Gesellschaft kannst du allerdings mehreren Kontaktkreisen angehören. So eignet sich ein Kontaktkreis perfekt für ein bestimmtes Thema, wie die Hohe Jagd, das Angeln und andere Beschäftigungen.

    Kontaktkreis: Eine Chatgruppe mit Mitgliedern deiner Stammwelt. Spieler anderer Welten können nicht beitreten.
    Weltenkontaktkreis: Eine weltenübergreifende Chatgruppe, der Spieler desselben Datenzentrums beitreten können.
  • Was ist ein PvP-Team?

    Ein auf PvP spezialisiertes Team.

    Ein PvP-Team qualifiziert dich zur Teilnahme an gewerteten Kämpfen von „The Feast“. Die Teams mit der höchsten Wertung erhalten spezielle Belohnungen und die Erlaubnis, an Turnieren teilzunehmen.

    PvP: Auf Spieler-gegen-Spieler ausgerichtete Inhalte.
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#Berufstätige willkommen
Concept: A close group of friends who seek to broaden our horizons, accepting all play styles in an all-inclusive, non-judgmental, socially-friendly free company.

Our free company is a relatively small one that is comprised of good friends that have known each other for years both in real-life, and over the internet. As such, we are close-knit and really like to socialize (although we're all mostly introverts) and do things together. We are not a large guild, and we more than likely will not seek to become one too big. Our idea is that we'd like to definitely expand enough to enjoy each others' company and have more folks to do events, special in-FC groupings (i.e.: treasure maps, giveaways, or other various ideas), but still be able to get to know each other through casual conversation. We feel that by becoming an excessively large FC, we begin to lose that intimacy that a smaller or medium-sized guild may have. If that is not what you're looking for, our free company may not be for you.

Rank: 30 (all available entitlements)

Seeking: Tank, Healer, DPS, Crafter, Gatherer

Focus: Roleplaying, glamour (endgame, amirite?), housing, crafting, gathering, leveling, casual, midcore, hardcore, mount-farming, dungeons, guildhests, trials, raids, PvP, and endless shenanigans

>>> Most of the senior members of the free company also love to push ourselves in higher-tier content, such as extremes, the new unreal challenges, savage, and ultimate. While some members are in individual static groups outside the free company, we nonetheless often enjoy grouping up within the guild, head-count permitted. You are by no means expected to do so if that isn't for you, but we do often offer such things as an additional perk. Such clears include bird, doggo, and dragon farming (extremes) like Hades, Titania, and Diamond Weapon. We'd like to consider ourselves a fairly-wide spectrum of personalities and interests, and there's typically something to find for every playstyle and person in our online family. We are by no means exclusionary. ^_^

+ Free company daily roulette invites
+ General friendliness and help with various leveling, tips, guides, and completion of instances
+ Access to 24/7 FC buffs (general members can always activate a buff if an officer or myself are offline)
+ Private chamber, chocobo stable, and gardening availability within FC house lot located in The Lavender Beds
+ Optional (but recommended) Discord server invite that acts as a hybrid between our general, friendly linkshell full of great people, and a private section for Skyward Dawn members.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask away! :)











Lavendelbeete 5. Bezirk, 34 [Klein]




Tausche dich mit den Mitgliedern dieser Community aus!



Leo HowliteFaerie (Aether)

A close group of friends who seek to broaden our horizons, accepting all play styles in an all-inclusive, non-judgmental, socially-friendly free company.



Lazus DulzenFaerie (Aether)

Hello, I am looking for a close-knit fc


Community-Mitglied Leo HowliteFaerie (Aether)

Hello! Yes, I saw that you submitted an application, but then withdrew it for our FC. Did you still need a free company to join? We're happy to have you try out our family if so! :)

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Lazus DulzenFaerie (Aether)

Yes, sure

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Community-Mitglied Lokhem AdalantiaFaerie (Aether)

Hi! I hope you're doing well :) I was wondering if you were still recruiting? If so I'd love to chat in game and ask a couple of questions?


Community-Mitglied Leo HowliteFaerie (Aether)

Thanks for joining! :)

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Community-Mitglied Fallionell AugustineFaerie (Aether)

Greetings! I was interested in applying to the company, but I'm not sure how/where! Should I just /tell Leo in game?

(Bearbeitet)  -

Liminal NalFaerie (Aether)

Hello. I would like to join a close knit and friendly fc.


Community-Mitglied Leo HowliteFaerie (Aether)

Tried reaching out to you several times in-game, but could not find your character online.

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Zalaser ConstantineFaerie (Aether)

Hello! Just recently started back up again after a long break (Just about a whole year) not sure if you are still recruiting. Looking for an FC just to get that close knit part of the game back and am just kinda throwing a few lines out. I would be interested in joining up. Thanks for your time. :Zal


Community-Mitglied Leo HowliteFaerie (Aether)

I see you joined a free company, thanks for your interest. I'm sorry I was not able to get to you sooner.

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Punchi DracovinFaerie (Aether)

Hi! Fairly newish and was looking for a group of friends to join and a place for a few of my own friends coming from WoW could join!


Community-Mitglied Leo HowliteFaerie (Aether)

Sorry I was not able to see this sooner. If your current FC you're in doesn't work out, please don't hesitate to reach out! I will try to find you in-game. c:

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