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    Eine Gruppe auf deiner Stammwelt, der du dich anschließen kannst.

    Oft als „FG“ abgekürzt. Die Freie Gesellschaft ist eine geschlossene Gruppe mit eigenem Chat und Anspruch auf ein gemeinsames Haus. Darüber hinaus bieten spezielle Kommandos temporäre Bonus-Routine und andere Vorteile.

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#Neulinge willkommen
#Berufstätige willkommen
Hey Eorzeans!
We are a multi-server Free Company active across the whole data centre!

We have branches on Ragnarok, Louisoix, Omega, Cerberus, Spriggan and Moogle!

We have 3 aims

1. To become the top FCs on the Data Centre
2. To create a warm and caring community
3. To host many awesome, large-scale FC events

We are very beginner friendly and love helping new players with all aspects of the game!

We can offer you:

1. Daily buffs
2. Regular events
3. Help with most aspects of the game (feel free to ask for it on discord)
4. A caring, helpful environment
5. Access to 6 FC homes!

We'd love for you to become part of our family!











Dorf des Nebels 12. Bezirk, 23 [Klein]


SN - Omega HQ


Tausche dich mit den Mitgliedern dieser Community aus!



Monkey LoverOmega (Chaos)



Althala RamaOmega (Chaos)

Hi there, Looking to join a friendly FC to help teach me the game as i return after not playing for a while. Looking to play all aspects of the game.


Captain SmegOmega (Chaos)

Hi I was offered yesterday to join your team, I'm on everyday and happy to help with anything I can..also have others who would happily join up to


Dosas StormcalCerberus (Chaos)

I am a returning player (Heavensward) and I am looking for a friendly community to play with.


Sir PoochieOmega (Chaos)

Hi there! I would like to join ur friendly laid back FC! Iam pretty new to this game and iam looking forword to join


Joshuan SabeliusOmega (Chaos)

Hey, me and my partner (Fiocco Mini) would also like to join you guys. One of us is playing from PS4, so chating & the like is a bit difficult. We are more of the casual player type. We recently started and are enjoying the leveling content.
Joshuan & Fiocco


Curry BunOdin (Light)

Hi, I'm interested in your FC. But I'm wondering if it's ok that I can have a trial period on your discord and see how you guys are first? I'm a friendly social person! That want get to know new people and do ffxiv content with :) Here is My Discord Curry#6589 :)


Johnnyboy OcampoTonberry (Elemental)

Hello im returning player looking for people to play with guide thorugh


Erick YaegerOmega (Chaos)

Hi, i'm wondering if I could join this fc


Community-Mitglied Koek KoekOmega (Chaos)

Heya, I am a returning player and would love to join this FC community.


Zeck LardavaOmega (Chaos)

Hello, im a new player looking for my home. Is this here?


Aya WhitethornOmega (Chaos)

hey would love to join you guys, looking for an active fc thx :)


Lernaean HydraOmega (Chaos)

Heeya, are you guys still recruiting? i'm looking for an active FC ;D Discord is Skeffaa#3955

(Bearbeitet)  -

Harut AlvijarOmega (Chaos)

Hello! I'm looking to join an active FC!


Elliara RionysOmega (Chaos)

Hey there! Just returned to FFXIV and looking for a place to call home.


Simon SayzOmega (Chaos)

Hello there!
Just turned 80 on my first job and would love to have some guidance from more experienced players :))
Feel free to send me tell if you have any questions!


Community-Mitglied Kantrell TigerthongOmega (Chaos)

Hi. Looking for a friendly FC to join. Just finished ARR so still quite new.



Kane DragoOmega (Chaos)

Hi, Are you still looking for players? Looking for a guild to sit in, played mmo's a long time and am looking for a new home, long term??


King KouOmega (Chaos)

Hi, would like to join you guys. Looking for a casual friendly FC while playing.


Rhaya LizithOmega (Chaos)

Hey i'd love to join, WoW refugee looking to learn about the game and hopefully make some friends!


Tadhg MurphyOmega (Chaos)

New to the game and looking for a home with friendly like minded people.

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Community-Mitglied Theodric ThorneOmega (Chaos)

Hello, I am fairly new to the game and looking for a Free Company to enjoy the game with.


Community-Mitglied Kantrell TigerthongOmega (Chaos)

Just checking are you still recruiting? Is it best to contact in game rather than here as not heard anything and I play most days

Dieser Kommentar wurde vom Verfasser gelöscht.

Alfie SolomonsOmega (Chaos)

Hi new to the game and looking to join a active FC. I am willing to learn and help where needed.


Pepper StarkOmega (Chaos)

Hi guys, new to the game. Looking to join a Fc and make new friends. Would be awesome to join such a big company.


Nightmare GrimmOmega (Chaos)

May i join Pls?


Aika PyriinOmega (Chaos)

Hi, I am a new player and would love to join this FC community.


Community-Mitglied Vigilium SoraOmega (Chaos)

Hi. I am looking for a Free Company. I usually play daytime hours around 4pm - 8pm, every day. Sometimes mornings. Would love to join you.


Kuroko QuinzellOmega (Chaos)

Would like to join please


Solvarr WarsoulOmega (Chaos)

Hi there, looking to join as a sort of new player, just looking for some where chill.


Matty LifeOmega (Chaos)

Hi just got back into ff14 and looking for a great FC to join hope you can help me :)


Azorat TheluxamusOmega (Chaos)

Hey! I would love to join the free company :)


Alihondes SulacuOmega (Chaos)

Hi there. I'm a returning player, just finished ARR with a new character. Looking to experience the game at it's fullest and would like to join your FC! :)


Natyv StormOmega (Chaos)

Hello! I would love to join you, i am pretty new although i am a returning player i haven't played for 8 months but since i am leaving WoW for good i want to be more active here on FF14.


Erik PooleOmega (Chaos)

Hey I am new to the game and I am looking for a FC to join and experience the game with others


Una QoetOmega (Chaos)

I would love to join the free company


Alistair EdwardsOmega (Chaos)

Hi, id like to join. Im a fairly new player looking for an active community to learn the ropes.
Discord: Whyse#7771


Zina StormhavenOmega (Chaos)

Hello, i would love to join your FC. I haven't played FFXIV for a year and a half (stopped at level 49), returned 2 days ago and im having a blast.

(Bearbeitet)  -
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Shiraori GleoOmega (Chaos)

Hey you still looking? i would gladly like to join! you guys seem friendly!


Eir LinOmega (Chaos)

I tried to get hold of them myself without much success so i wish you good luck!


Simon BelmontOmega (Chaos)

Hi, new player here just starting the game and looking for a friendly community! What do a newbi gotta do to get an invite :P ?

(Bearbeitet)  -

Yuuki MoonstormOmega (Chaos)

Hi, still looking for people?
Im also wondering, do you guys raid savage, extreme and ultimates? Bcoz this is something i would possibly be interested in eventually bcoz my current fc does not do that.


Rokaczs UchihaOmega (Chaos)

Hey! I am looking for friendly community and maybe I could join you guys?


Reece WolfordOmega (Chaos)

hey new player looking for a chill FCbut not sure how to contact or join in game


Smelly WandOmega (Chaos)

hello I'm a new player to ff14 but not to mmo's and would like to join a un group


Community-Mitglied Sir ToqqiOmega (Chaos)

Hi, returning player looking for a FC.


Ash TuckerOmega (Chaos)

Hiya been playing a few weeks now and looking for a FC


Ne RoeOmega (Chaos)

I'm interested in joining. :) Got back on the free login campaign and then bought SB and sub to continue. When NN expires it will be lonely so figured I'd look around for an FC.


Agnayak FheyOmega (Chaos)

Hello. :) As a returner that just got to Shadowbringers, I'd really like to join you guys.


Elorath AthanielOmega (Chaos)

Hi, i am new to FFXIV, i would like to join you, so i can have tons of people to talk to and play with, also need people to ask how things work :D.


Cera KrexisOmega (Chaos)

Hey just finished a realm reborn and looking to get deeper into the game and learn more :)


Boan GainsOmega (Chaos)

hi, looking for a good exp in ff14, im social and like to raid, do events etc :D


Community-Mitglied Aeon XceedOmega (Chaos)

Hi I am a new player who has just finished ARR and looking to join a good FC , would like to join yours if possible. Thanks


Community-Mitglied Xaelis GoubatsuOmega (Chaos)

Hey. Im looking for ppl that i can live out my completionism with. i wanna do everything get everything and be everything if it were possible all at once. this sounds weird and you may think ''look at this idiot'' but thats the only way to say what i want without having to explain everthing in detail xD so if someone could message me ingame to talk about this whole thing pls do so.


Rylo KenOmega (Chaos)

Hi. I'm one of the many exiles from WoW and am looking to learn more about FFXIV. I really love the vibe of the game and want to make it my 'go to' MMO home from now on. I have no idea how FCs work or how invites happen though (yep, I'm *THAT* much of a noob).


Dvoa GodslayerOmega (Chaos)

Hi, Im a new ffxiv player who is relatively new to mmos in general looking for a friendly group of players to do raids and dungeons with :D


Community-Mitglied Altan RedtailOmega (Chaos)

Yo, I'm new to ffxiv and I have some friends in your FC so I would like to join as well if that is possible :D


Swifty LeftOmega (Chaos)

Hey, I am looking to join your FC, I am a casual gamer recently started playing FF.
Consider allowing me to join, thanks


Legendary LumnixOmega (Chaos)

Hi there, i would like to join :)


Enerial KazasOmega (Chaos)

Hi there I m a returning player ( 1.0 / a realm reborn ) im looking for a chill FC to game with :)


Aernur AerandirOmega (Chaos)

New player to FFXIV. Currently lvl 40 Paladin. would love to join a FC


Vionc HigashiOmega (Chaos)

Hey! I'm new here at FFXIV , I would like to join
Thank you :D


Dunder WhatrOmega (Chaos)

Hello! I'd love to join the FC! I'm a pretty active, decent human :D
Oh! I'm also a healer main!

(Bearbeitet)  -

Slash VirtusOmega (Chaos)

Hey there, I'd like to join the FC, usualy active everyday, healer main, in practise for dps later


Community-Mitglied Mickard RolinOmega (Chaos)

Hey! Relatively new player here (about 1 month) really enjoying the game and looking for a chill FC :)


Community-Mitglied Tryll FixOmega (Chaos)

Heya, I would love give your guild a try if possible?:)

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Swifty LeftOmega (Chaos)

Hi would love to join your fc


Akroy OntoOmega (Chaos)

Hey would like to join your fc


Augustus ClarkeOmega (Chaos)

Hi, im new to the game. Im looking for an active community driven company that is also active on chat. I main an ninja/sum but i am happy to play whatever, as long as im having fun with good people.


Community-Mitglied Mog ArthuronOmega (Chaos)

Hi there!
I was just talking to one of your members about joining your company. It seems like a great community and the place to be on Omega, and I hope that you would let me be apart of it :)
Kind regards


Septic SmthOmega (Chaos)

Hey, I'm a relatively new player here (have been playing for around 2 weeks). Really enjoying the game and just finished ARR. I'm applying because I thought this seemed like a chill fc, hope we can get in touch anytime soon. Discord is Septic#4507

(Bearbeitet)  -

Alane WaylayerOmega (Chaos)

Hello, looking for an FC to do more stuff in the game with. Been playing for a while but have not found the right group to hang with, hopefully this changes now :)

(Bearbeitet)  -

Vlastimil MaevschOmega (Chaos)

hi there :), im a new ffxiv player looking for a home :) thinking its more fun having people to talk to while playing and learning from other people also ofc, if u have a spot for sprout here i am :D


Community-Mitglied Captain ChadOmega (Chaos)

Hello, been a fan of FF series for over 20 years. I would like to join your FC!


Zatraera LightfallOmega (Chaos)

Heya, i am interested of joining your fc, i am social active player from Sweden and is looking for a new home to meet new friends and do activities ingame


Yoshitsune MokuroOmega (Chaos)

Hi, currently looking for a FC, very active player looking for end game content.


Community-Mitglied Atreus LokiOmega (Chaos)

Hello i'm new player just finished ARR msq and started HW. I'm looking for a nice FC to join and meet new people.


Dalathan BlackfireOmega (Chaos)

Greetings. I am incredibly interested in joining your company. I am a fairly new but dedicated player who wants to find a "home" so to speak and stop being a lone wolf. Please consider it. Thank you.


Neaz FuyuOmega (Chaos)

Hi! I'm a relatively new player, looking for an FC to hangout and meet new people. And is always interested in doing dungeons and other content with chill and friendly people!


Edouble DdOmega (Chaos)

Hi Im a new player just finished ARR looking to join a FC


-- -- ----

Hello, im a new player looking for a home with friendly people.
Played WoW since Beta as a Hunter with some good raid progress and a Level-server-first (Hunter) :D

Hope you have place for one more switching player!
Greetings Erbear


Konju KiOmega (Chaos)

Hey there ^^
Recently finished MSQ and interested in joining your FC. Am a bit of a noob x)


Dimitris LignadisOmega (Chaos)

Hey there, Healer main, newbie but dedicated WoW Refugee, giving FF14 a go. Would love to join your FC, and play/learn more about the game alongside a community-oriented environment

(Bearbeitet)  -

Yozzie LunaOmega (Chaos)

Looking for my first FC, I am a casual/social healer, Leveling, and Dungeon player. If you would have me, I will do my best for the community :)


Tadhg MurphyOmega (Chaos)

Hi, looking for an FC with a lively, active community. I am relatively new to FFXIV but I'm loving it so far and want to experience everything I can in the game.


Community-Mitglied Wari O'strazaOmega (Chaos)

Hello, I am looking to join a FC. New FFXIV player, starting a few months ago.


Anautra DelibainooOmega (Chaos)

Greetings, I am interested in joining. Sprout here. Would be so glad if you invite me!


Community-Mitglied Nequ DequOmega (Chaos)

Hello, casual player looking to join the company


Tuor AncalimonOmega (Chaos)

hi i would like to join the fc


Kamlito BulitoOmega (Chaos)

Hi, I would be intereseted in joining your FC. Newish playerlooking to experiance all aspects of the game.


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