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#Neulinge willkommen
#Aktive Gruppe
#Hochstufige Inhalte
Free Company: Dissonance <<Order>>
Data Center/World: Primal/Exodus
Order of the Twin Adders • Rank 30

Hi there stranger!
We are Dissonance, a friendly, casual Free Company with a nice blend of new and veteran players. Our current members are always willing to help out, whether you're new to the bustling land of Eorzea, or you just want a few tight-knit friends to run content together with.

Why should you join?

❥ We do raids!
❥ Get trial mounts, relic weapons, and other cool glamours
❥ Map runs
❥ Make gains
❥ Large FC home in Shirogane
❥ Food pics
❥ Memes for days

Interested in joining?
Apply to the FC directly in-game or join our Discord server! ~ discord.gg/Xm26cz9A6b
We can't wait to have you join us!











Shirogane 24. Bezirk, 7 [Groß]




Tausche dich mit den Mitgliedern dieser Community aus!



Elzara RiannonExodus [Primal]

Active player always looking to help others!



Kaenma EnjoSiren [Aether]

Have had a very bad/lonely first experience with this game.. hoping things will be better second time around... could really use some friends... Would have to make a new character btw, guess you could say I started on the wrong server.


Suriah ManosExodus [Primal]

Looking for a Company as a new player that i can learn the game with and participate in future endgame


King YjorxExodus [Primal]

Returning player, Id like to join ^^


Thaladrix DemonsbaneBrynhildr [Crystal]

I'm a new player, currently level 45 monk. I'm just looking for a home where i can find people to do stuff with!


Saki YoshidaExodus [Primal]

im a AST/GNB who just got out of free trial, i want to apply here because you guys look fun


Salazar AtlasExodus [Primal]

Hi I'm new and I want be a part of a friendly community. Currently level 50 Paladin and level 25 Rogue.


Eros WynterExodus [Primal]

Hey there! Returning player that'd like to join a friendly and helpful community. Currently have lvl 80 War and 78 DRG


Bubbles AfkExodus [Primal]

Hello my wife and I are coming from another MMO this Free Company looked like a good fit is there room for more active players?

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Sevyn OptionsExodus [Primal]

Would love to join, I left Primal DC a while back and now I'm returning. Need some people to play with!


Yuri AisakaExodus [Primal]

Hello I'd like to join. I'm a level 57 black mage I started about a week and a half ago. I've been playing a lot and plan on playing more because of the summer!


Manapoints CrescentExodus [Primal]

Wife and I are also returning players. Would love to join a large FC to meet people on this server/data center. We switched data centers due to dislike of the quite in crystal. Please reach out to me in game! :)


Trill CozbyExodus [Primal]

Returning player.
Currently maining level 75 Paladin .
Have played MMOs most of my life so I learn quickly.

Looking for friendly guild interested in all content.

(Bearbeitet)  -

Florynda CayneAdamantoise [Aether]

Returning player, trying to find a community to relearn and enjoy the game.


Rosaria ElyriaExodus [Primal]

Been playing since early Shadowbringers, would love a relaxed place to play casually and have others to enjoy the game with!


Ky BeaconBehemoth [Primal]

Returning player, trying to find an active community. I play everyday and am looking for new things to do.


Iselanna BoserExodus [Primal]

I'm new and looking for an FC


Babai BaiExodus [Primal]

New Player and would like to join


Kaiya DeadwellExodus [Primal]

New player looking for a FC.


Trey CometExodus [Primal]

New player from wow ive been playing for about 3 weeks now. The free company im in now isn't very active and or helpful :/


Community-Mitglied Mimir' AesirExodus [Primal]

LF a laid back large FC

have 6 lvl 80s
Main is mch
followed by sam.nin.drg.monk bm

i am trying to learn savage runs atm looking for others who are willing to help with that.

i am not a heavy chatter but i do stream from time 2 time


Vyn DirExodus [Primal]

Hi there, I am a 10 year plus WoW vet who has recently made the swap over to FFXIV. I am looking for a FC to help guide me down the right path and eventually push end-game content with.


Kahun ForboltExodus [Primal]

Newish player looking for a place to call home! Currently leveling a Warrior. Would love a FC to help guide me down the path and in return i want to provide as much help to the FC as possible!


Quo StatrusExodus [Primal]

Returning player who moved Data Centers to play with new player friend's in RL, would love to be part of a large social FC that helps and caters to new players as well as doing some end game stuff as well.


Janemba GrindenwaldeExodus [Primal]

Hey! Returning player looking to hit level cap and get into end game! Would love to join


Biggie StonedExodus [Primal]

Hi! Im New player looking for a FC

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Community-Mitglied Bataar TumetExodus [Primal]

Hello! I've been playing off an on since ARR. I've been without a FC since returning in June. I'm mostly a casual player but not opposed to trying challenging content. I've started primarily playing Warrior lately, but my other main job is Dragoon. I enjoy helping new and/or other players. (The true end game for me, most people it's Glam) Currently I'm leveling alternate jobs, crafts, and farming mounts during the downtime preparing for Endwalker. I'm looking for a friendly Free Company :).


Tanky TonyExodus [Primal]

Hello! I am new to the game but not new to MMORPG's. Mostly casual, but have always enjoyed learning end-game raids, etc, so I will definitely be down for that. Just sticking to one character now and he will be a Paladin. Looking forward to to meeting new people, having fun, and helping any way I can!


Luna CaulkExodus [Primal]

Hii. I'm a returner & I played about like 8 years ago, give or take... Used to play on PS4, now I'm on a PC. Looking to learn the game again, and just looking for some friends as I'm pretty lonely atm. Really would love some guidance and help getting better! I always learn better from others, reading only gets me so far.. Looking forward to meeting people and getting into the swing of things again :)


Calvinm AlldayExodus [Primal]

Hello! Returner here along with my roommates that is just starting! I'm looking for a Free Company that can help us get back into the game and progress us to end game!


Gideon DiccuhsExodus [Primal]

I would like to join!


Apollo AlphaExodus [Primal]

I would love to join! New player looking for a large social FC. Thanks!


Opal RootMalboro [Crystal]

I would like to join:) Recently finished 5.0 and I'm excited to ease my way into endgame content.


Bad Juju'Excalibur [Primal]

I'd like to join! I am a GNB/PLD main, and a World of Warcraft refugee who is really enjoying the leveling grind!


Ninomae InanisExodus [Primal]

Hi there, I was interested in joining if there's any slots left. Just coming back to play again after a long hiatus


Manthra Dak'aviesExodus [Primal]

Hi. Returning player after a 3 year break. Looking for an active community to experience new and old content with.


Mara StormaneExodus [Primal]

Hi returning player after 4 year break. Looking for an active and fun community to relearn the game with


Foopah JessicapantsExodus [Primal]

Hey, my two friends and I are looking for some friendly friends to play FF14.


Talisker StormZalera [Crystal]

I'm a not-to-be-named-mmo-but-you-know-which-one refugee looking for a big social guild. I have a lvl 31 paladin I'm having a great time with. Plenty of tanking experience from *cough* other games.


Baine DuvalExodus [Primal]

Hi! I'm lvl 80 dps looking for a fun group of people to do high-end content with. I'm interested in joining if there's room!


Dizzy AwhalExodus [Primal]

Hi i am returning player at low lvl right now but i have alot of experience from 2015 to 2017 i lost my account looking at playing again and looking to help where i can and also meet cool people and enjoy the game i grew up with!! Please invite and ty


Jack FuryExodus [Primal]

Hi! I would like to join your FC if possible. I play off and on in between other games and life stuff. Looking for a FC that I can be a part of that is laid back and maybe, one day, do some end game stuff with. I’m still learning all the in’s and out’s of the game. I play on PS5 but do have a keyboard for chat. Thanks for your consideration!


Greed SinzExodus [Primal]

I'm looking for a fc that is new player friendly and will help with gear and mount farm and over mechanics in the game really looking to make friends and ps5 friends would love to be able to use the voice chat on playstation


Jamie LionettGilgamesh [Aether]

I'm pretty new to the game and just looking for a nice FC to join, im interested in all sorts of content so id love to join


Eversteel CruxExodus [Primal]

New to the game looking to join! Searching for helpful/good people for end-game content or help where I'm needed.


Mindspike DraconicExodus [Primal]

Hey there! Im looking for a group to chill with and learn the game. I am a WoW refuge who moved over to final fantasy and am loving it sooo much better. Though the uwo's i keep getting are taking some getting used to.


Crosslei MonteroBehemoth [Primal]

I'm a returning player and would like to have folks to play with while awaiting Endwalker


Nein LivesJenova [Aether]

Hello. I'm a former WoW player who has given this game a try and am loving it. I'm looking for an FC with active members with whom I can fully explore what this game has to offer!


Chopped CheeseDiabolos [Crystal]

Hey. Played since 2017, just looking for an FC to get involved in before the xpac. Done with story, almost capped all jobs. Just collecting relics/mounts atm, but down for more group activities. Im usually on or afk during the day, so pm whenever. Thanks.


Harvey PookaGoblin [Crystal]

No such name on this server

(Bearbeitet)  -

Ampar MatuaExodus [Primal]

Very interested in joining.


Sora KeybladexExodus [Primal]

Looking for a FC that I can learn from and enjoy playing with at the same time. I play frequently at nights.


Manthra Dak'aviesExodus [Primal]

Hi. Back after a bit. Looking for an active, engaged FC to tackle Endwalker with. Thanks ^^


Community-Mitglied Lilith SilverwingExodus [Primal]

I'm looking to join and I've applied. I had no idea what to put in the message. If you have any questions feel free to poke me.


Amogus SusFamfrit [Primal]

very interested in joining, im online everyday and am looking forward to doing harder raiding and extreme trials with people


Naysa IsaSargatanas [Aether]

Hey, daily player, chill, and looking to join -


Ivelia SaranExodus [Primal]

Hello. I would be interested to join if you're still recruiting. New player here having a blast playing and looking for a fun group of people to play with.


Chief CplHalicarnassus [Dynamis]

Returning player starting fresh! Would love to join you guys


Cb MengExodus [Primal]

Fresh new player with some mmo experience. Looking forward to join the community and play with others.


Ominous MazFamfrit [Primal]

My wife Dona Juana and I are looking for a fun group of people to enjoy the game with.


Dona JuanaFamfrit [Primal]

Looking for a fun, relaxed group. My husband Ominous and I are active just about everyday :-)


Emrys LightbornExcalibur [Primal]

Hey there! looking for a new home, Samurai, Single dad but i try to be active everyday, Last FC was active but, i felt like i wasn't apart of anything :/ I wanna feel useful


Alaric EmberstormExodus [Primal]

Looking for a new FC with a casual feel and fun group of folks. My wife Vieryne and I are both usually on almost every day.


Popi LoExodus [Primal]

Hey Im new Tryna be a mentor lol


Thunder FuryExodus [Primal]

Looking for active friendly and relaxed FC for a returning player.


Ariana ChandriaExodus [Primal]

Hello, I'm and wanted to learn more about the game and everything else


Alita ElspethExodus [Primal]

Been awhile since I played. Going to focus to get to the end of endwalker, then do some high end-game, and do some crafting/hunting in between.


Live FreeExodus [Primal]

Returning player looking for an active clan to hang out in, socialize, relax and do anything that has to do with dungeons :)


It's GridExodus [Primal]

Active player looking for an FC to build connections with!

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Lilen AzerithExodus [Primal]

Casual player and still learning the game. Looking for a new FC.


Raiou NeruExodus [Primal]

Returning player looking for an active FC.


Community-Mitglied Zaelis SularExodus [Primal]

Active player looking for active FC if you're still recruiting.


Vahn LeonhartExodus [Primal]

Hello!! I am a returning player looking to join a social and active FC. I wish to get into End Game content and complete different content I unfortunately have not completed either. (^_^;)>

Hope to hear from you guys! Thank you!

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Sten TarbenExodus [Primal]

Hello, Looking to join! Adult casual player looking to get to end game.


War GhostExodus [Primal]

Relearning after a long break and interested in joining PVE focused Free Company


Syrenead VorasExodus [Primal]

Looking to do higher tier raids and whatever else. Still learning a lot of things.


Reefer MattnessExodus [Primal]

Looking to do raids with like-minded people


Miso HoniExodus [Primal]

Hello. Returning player here. I would like to join. Not sure how to apply in game.


Community-Mitglied Alex SolovyExodus [Primal]

Hi! My husband (Caleb Marano) and I area looking to join! We are long-time MMO veterans, but are new to FFXIV. We're currently working through Stormblood with our mains, mid-60s Gunbreaker and Ninja. We're casual, PvE focused, and are mostly looking for great people to hang out with. Thank you!


Community-Mitglied Caleb MaranoExodus [Primal]

And I would be the husband! What she said...


Aurora YffulandoExodus [Primal]

Hi Im a returning player with tons of experience, I would def like to see about joining you guys as Im sure id be a great addition to the FC


Dream WatchExodus [Primal]

Returning player here!! Looking for an active FC. The one I'm currently in pretty much died off. I main heals (AST, SGE & WHM) but play Tank (Paladin) and DPS (RDM, BLM, RPR)


Velkis XavalienExodus [Primal]

Returning Player (still a sprout / aka Noob) Looking for FC


Tiny WeenisExodus [Primal]

About to hit 90, looking for an FC to make friends and hopefully learn some endgame!


Chill IllSiren [Aether]

What upppp - returning player with a buncha jobs. I like nice/friendly communities!


Moldy CheeseExodus [Primal]

Returning player mentor. Been away about a year. Old Company died while I was away. Looking for a consistently active community.

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Khal MalExodus [Primal]

Hello. I'm looking for a large active group to hang out with and run all the content :)


Daemon DervishBehemoth [Primal]

Hi! I am a new player primarily on xbox, lf FC to chat and do some things with in game!


-- -- ----

HEY!!! Im a low level scum lol I need help I have no friends and I would love to join this FC I’m new and could use some guidance. Not looking for a hand out just looking for a cool group to grown with while exploring FFXIV ❤️


Lumina ShadowLeviathan [Primal]

Returning player looking for an active FC to join to share the experience.


Hels BelsExodus [Primal]

New player looking for an FC to join.


Aradia BartramExodus [Primal]

Looking for a more social FC to join.


John YellowsnowExodus [Primal]

I would love to join but im not sure you even look at these.


Karim DragoDiabolos [Crystal]

Hello I am looking for a FC


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