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  • Was ist eine Freie Gesellschaft?

    Eine Gruppe auf deiner Stammwelt, der du dich anschließen kannst.

    Oft als „FG“ abgekürzt. Die Freie Gesellschaft ist eine geschlossene Gruppe mit eigenem Chat und Anspruch auf ein gemeinsames Haus. Darüber hinaus bieten spezielle Kommandos temporäre Bonus-Routine und andere Vorteile.

    Der Charakter einer Freien Gesellschaft wird durch ihre Mitglieder definiert. Umso wichtiger ist es, dass du eine FG findest, die gut zu dir passt.

  • Was ist ein (Welten-)Kontaktkreis?

    Ein zweckbestimmter Chat, der nur Mitgliedern offen steht.

    Oft als „KK“ und „WKK“ abgekürzt. Der Kontaktkreis ist ein dedizierter, privater Chat, dem man nur mit Einladung beitreten kann. Im Gegensatz zur Freien Gesellschaft kannst du allerdings mehreren Kontaktkreisen angehören. So eignet sich ein Kontaktkreis perfekt für ein bestimmtes Thema, wie die Hohe Jagd, das Angeln und andere Beschäftigungen.

    Kontaktkreis: Eine Chatgruppe mit Mitgliedern deiner Stammwelt. Spieler anderer Welten können nicht beitreten.
    Weltenkontaktkreis: Eine weltenübergreifende Chatgruppe, der Spieler desselben Datenzentrums beitreten können.
  • Was ist ein PvP-Team?

    Ein auf PvP spezialisiertes Team.

    Ein PvP-Team qualifiziert dich zur Teilnahme an gewerteten Kämpfen von „The Feast“. Die Teams mit der höchsten Wertung erhalten spezielle Belohnungen und die Erlaubnis, an Turnieren teilzunehmen.

    PvP: Auf Spieler-gegen-Spieler ausgerichtete Inhalte.
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#Neulinge willkommen
#Berufstätige willkommen
The Astral Flames of Gilgamesh <FLAME>, founded by Caius Cosades in October 2015, currently led by Auric Seagard, is the home of a huge, long-time community of friends and family dedicated to enjoying FFXIV to the fullest. We are highly active and always looking for more to join our group. We are LGBTQ friendly and we also have an active discord.

New player or veteran raider, age, color, or creed, it doesn't matter, you're welcome here. We have groups for everyone, as long as you're willing to follow one simple rule: Don't be a jerk!

We have regularly scheduled events each week, generally consisting of map nights and mount farming. We also host annual events on Christmas and Halloween for anyone on the data center to come and join in the fun, as well as occasional random events for FC members only. We also hold drawings to win prizes each week as well!

We strive to make the most of everyone's time in FFXIV! If you'd like to be a part of our family, inquire with one of our officers/members or come visit our home in the Lavender Beds (Plot 41 (Subdivision); Ward 6).











Lavendelbeete 6. Bezirk, 41 [Mittel]


Heart of Flame


Tausche dich mit den Mitgliedern dieser Community aus!



Veloces AnimusGilgamesh (Aether)



Community-Mitglied Veloces AnimusGilgamesh (Aether)



Community-Mitglied Faelily SeagardGilgamesh (Aether)

<3 I'm so glad I joined this FC 4 years ago on my first night in any Final Fantasy game. It's been such a great online family with the best Free Company lead we could possibly ask for.


Community-Mitglied Aster EnelysionGilgamesh (Aether)

Me when they moved into my ward: "Who are these crazy people, and why did they go with that house design that looks like wax in the rain? Ah well, I better see about making nice with the new neighbors."

Me now, years after I joined: "I love this fc. The house is great, too. Mind the overgrown lawn gnome in our yard. Take a dip outside. Rule the world. Mmm waffles."


Francisca SorinGilgamesh (Aether)

How can I join? ^_^


Community-Mitglied Auric SeagardGilgamesh (Aether)

The easiest way is to come to our house and use the placard to submit an application!

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Coconut KanpaiGilgamesh (Aether)

Hello, i am a very active player looking to join a huge Fc. Yours seems like the perfect one! How can i join?


-- -- ----

Are the FC members pretty active in voice chats or is it only for raids? I've seen some of you guys in game and there always seems to be a good many people on all the time.


Alexandra DragonfiendGilgamesh (Aether)


(Bearbeitet)  -

Drasko DarGilgamesh (Aether)

Looking for an active FC. I am a new player current 46 monk. Looking to get to 50 and give DK a try.
I've played mmos since 1998, UO,EQ 1&2, WOW, EVE , Albion, Lineage 2 all pretty serious and a few others less seriously .
I am now more of a casual player , but I try to be as active as time allows.
Looking to make a few friends and enjoy the game.


Sinizter KillsGilgamesh (Aether)

Hey Guys! I have been playing the game on and off since 2010 just returned a few days ago looking for a casual place to call home. Looking to chat and just have a good time playing the game with no pressure.

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Community-Mitglied Ceaseless UmbasaGilgamesh (Aether)

Hey everyone! I am a returning player looking for a good FC to help with any questions and also a place to socialize as I grind my way to endgame.


Jason MychalsGilgamesh (Aether)

I play more casually nowadays and not in an Fc with the pandemic would be nice to chat with other LGBTQ members.


Immortal TechniqueGilgamesh (Aether)

Newish player looking to join a casual FC. currently level 60 with just the starter edition, but am buying the other two next week


Community-Mitglied Auric SeagardGilgamesh (Aether)

Hey everyone, please come on over to our FC House and put an app in at placard, and one of our officers will get back to you ASAP!


Apa TiaGilgamesh (Aether)

Hi, I'm wondering if I could get an invite? I'm new to the game but would appreciate having a group to play with!


Firmien GrinnauxGilgamesh (Aether)

I would like to join, I'm returning to the game and looking for a free company to join. Could I get an invite please?


Deth WatzonGilgamesh (Aether)

Returned to the game after a few years, focusing on learning TNK right now and looking for a good FC to grind out this behemoth out with. On previous account finished SB so know the ropes and all that jazz, even if it was as a SMN lol.

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Jessicuh CebeGilgamesh (Aether)

Hi! I am looking to Join your FC! Ive tried a couple times seeing if you were online but was unable to reach you! If you could message me for an invite Im very interested in joined your FC!!


Creigh BearsGilgamesh (Aether)

Hi! Looking to join your FC, if spots are available. Currently a level 38 WAR planning to take it to 80 and tank.


Ramza ChronoGilgamesh (Aether)

I'm a returning tank and healer looking for FC to explore all content with, i'd like to join if possible


Community-Mitglied Niffum DutsGilgamesh (Aether)

Hey, was a previous member of the FC and am returning after some RL changes. Was curious if you would have me back!


Pomu RainpuffGilgamesh (Aether)

Hey im new to the game and would love to have a FC to explore looks of content with!


Abby HarkGilgamesh (Aether)

Hi, I'm new to the game and this looked like a friendly FC, I was wondering if I could get an invite?


Zagartha RokhGilgamesh (Aether)

I'm looking for a FC, would appreciate an invite!


Chird LittlefellowGilgamesh (Aether)

Returning player looking for a fc.


Pariah CarrymeGilgamesh (Aether)

Hello! I'd love to join your FC. I'm a new player. I have a 59 Dragoon that I plan to move to monk once I finish the dragoon and a low arcanist. I've played MMOs for over 20 years, have been a nightmare raider in Swtor, mythic raider in wow, and have raided in pretty much every MMO out there. What I'm really looking for, though, is a great community with a high potential to make new friends. Your FC seems like the right place to achieve that!


Pariah CarrymeGilgamesh (Aether)

I should also mention that I get along with pretty much everyone that I meet. :)

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Rraethose ArnstrangGilgamesh (Aether)

Hey there! I'm a returning player and I'm looking for an FC to join and I really like the sound of yours! I'm fairly active (moreso on weekends) and enjoy all types of content. Not the best raider, but I'm willing to learn and love to push new content.


Kimchi RamyeonGilgamesh (Aether)

hello! im a sprout, all new to the game and at lvl 60 at the moment. would love to join a casual FC to know more people and join events too. thank you.


Slater Mc'thiccGilgamesh (Aether)

I'd like to join, can i get an invite?


Tamar DinGilgamesh (Aether)

I would like to join


King StarchaserGilgamesh (Aether)

Hi I would like to talk to someone in game about your fc and what i am looking for as a new player and what you are looking for in new players =D


Clap SnapGilgamesh (Aether)

Hey, i'm looking for an FC. Let me know what steps i should take to be considered. Thanks.


Community-Mitglied Calismic Mal'lorenGilgamesh (Aether)

I've recently returned to the game as a new roll character and would love to join!


Crash OverridGilgamesh (Aether)

Newer player to FF online, looking for somewhere to get to know people and hangout!


Community-Mitglied Elly GraystoneGilgamesh (Aether)

Hii! I'm looking to join if possible!


Tyruru LevichanGilgamesh (Aether)

Hi! I was interested in joining :D


Community-Mitglied Leo LordGilgamesh (Aether)

Hi I am interested in joining your FC! Please let me know what I need to do!


John UrbanGilgamesh (Aether)

This looks like a fun FC to join! I'm interested in an invite. :)


Community-Mitglied Albus DominusGilgamesh (Aether)

Application Sent! Hopefully waiting for acceptance.


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