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Autumn's Descent is recruiting

Seiah VerrayLeviathan (Primal)

Server: Leviathan

Good day everyone. We are a casual FC on Leviathan called Autumn's Descent <Autmn> looking to recruit for the upcoming expansion. We are looking for social members of all player skills, gathers/crafters, veteran and new players

We are located in Large house in Lavenderbeds

Who Are we:

We are a medium sized FC established July 2017, C/MC social FC located on Leviathan. We have a combination of new, legacy players, gathers , crafters and players pushing end game. We are a tight knit FC all consisting of RL friends/and gaming buddies from FFXIV. We are looking to run roulette's/dungeons/pvp/mount runs/current raids-content. If you are concerned with timezones do not worry! We have members in the FC who are night owls, and members from other parts of the world.

Our goal:

Is to form a close social guild with C/MC end game play. All players are welcome from battle classes and gathering/crafting! We are open to all applicants! We have a active discord where we keep in touch outside of the game (Voice optional!). If you think we are the best fit for you feel free to PM me on here on reddit/ingame or any of the online officers/members online. All are welcome to come by and socialize.

You can contact myself in game or on discord at:

FC Leader- Seiah Verray, Seiah#6548

Guild Officer: Rachel Moon, Corban#9879

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