FINAL FANTASY XIV Updated (Nov. 25)

FINAL FANTASY XIV was updated at the time below.
* Game clients will update automatically upon launch.

[Date & Time]
Nov. 25, 2019 10:55 p.m. (PST)

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FINAL FANTASY XIV Hotfixes (Nov. 25, 2019)

■ Certain destinations for pixie beast tribe quest objectives have been changed.

■ The following issues have been addressed.
・ An issue wherein commencing a duty while the Ishgardian Restoration Item Delivery window was displayed would cause the window to remain displayed.
・ An issue wherein attempting to commence a duty while the mentor certification window was displayed would sometimes prevent the duty from commencing or would cause controls to function improperly.
・ An issue wherein commencing a duty while the miner/botanist action The Giving Land is on cooldown would reset its recast time.
・ An issue wherein the miner trait One with the Mountain and the botanist trait One with the Forest would not apply their effects as intended.
・ An issue wherein under certain conditions, the subcommand Search for Item would not function as intended when executed while Quick Gathering.
・ An issue in the Companion App wherein, under certain conditions, item checks were not conducted properly when moving items.
・ An issue wherein the market board Favorites list would display items that had not been favorited by the player.
・ An issue wherein players would disconnect from the server during Frontline duties under certain circumstances.
・ An issue wherein the default cursor position was set to "No" when exchanging multiple Jumbo Cactpot tickets with the Cactpot Cashier NPC.
・ An issue wherein the icon for a non-existent NPC was displayed on the Gold Saucer map.
・ An issue wherein certain cutscenes were incorrectly displayed in the beast tribe quest “A Cry from the Ashes.”
・ An issue wherein NPC names were incorrectly displayed during certain scenes in the beast tribe quest “The Heart's Oasis.”
・ The incorrect name and description were ascribed to the following orchestrion roll.
 (Incorrect) The Sound of the End Orchestrion Roll
 (Correct) Bipolar Nightmare Orchestrion Roll
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