Important changes to Prohibited Activities and Account Penalty Policy in FINAL FANTASY XIV

We have hereby made significant changes to the “Prohibited Activities” and related “Account Penalty Policy” and “Guidelines for Game Master(GM) Actions(GM Policy)” in FINAL FANTASY XIV. These include changes to our fundamental policies.

Please review the updated policies below.

  • Click here for Prohibited Activities.
  • Click here for Account Penalty Policy.

* The GM policy will not be disclosed as it contains internal information.

Although the “SQUARE ENIX ACCOUNT TERMS OF USE,” “FINAL FANTASY® XIV User Agreement,” and “FINAL FANTASY ® XIV Materials Usage License” have not been changed, we strongly encourage players to take this opportunity to review and become familiarized with them.

The aforementioned agreements can be viewed here.

■Reasons for the changes

Until now, we have operated under the philosophy that “this is an MMORPG and frequent in-game intervention by SQUARE ENIX would inhibit player experience.” Under this philosophy in mind, GMs have intervened only in cases of racial or sexual discrimination or other severe cases.
GMs would not actively take action against other types of behavior that were deemed to be “annoying but not crossing the line from an objective eye.” Instead encouraging the involved players to resolve the situation through communication, adding the players to the blacklist or other peaceful methods.

However, times have changed and although FINAL FANTASY is an MMORPG, it is now our belief that it is better for the community as a whole for us to “intervene in situations where a player is subjected to the abusive behavior of another player,” rather than “worrying about inhibiting communication between players.”

As this change in course requires changes to our fundamental policies, and such a change would be difficult to reverse, we spent considerable time carefully reviewing its potential impact. Ultimately, we came to the conclusion that it is better for the community as a whole for us to clamp down on abusive behavior and have decided to move forward with this major change.

Needless to say, everyone will have their own view on a situation, so a GM will continue to provide an objective eye. With a more proactive approach to in-game conflicts, we will strive to protect players who are considerate towards others and provide a high quality service in which players can play in a more comfortable and safe environment.

Note that penalties have been adjusted so that appropriate action can be taken against offensive players depending on the severity of their offense.

To keep our players safe, we will continue to keep track of trends both in online games and in the real world, as well as remaining vigilant of the social norms of our time.

We thank you all for your continued support of FINAL FANTASY XIV.

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