Changes to Veteran Rewards

In light of the considerable amount of time required to obtain the highest rank veteran rewards, we will be making adjustments in patch 4.1 to make them more easily accessible. As of result of these adjustments, players may be eligible for certain rewards soon after the update.

New Requirements and Rewards

Rank 1 Reward (60 Subscription Days)

  • Advent Attire

Rank 2 Reward (150 Subscription Days)

  • Tantalus Attire

Rank 3 Reward (240 Subscription Days)

  • Wild Rose Attire

Rank 4 Reward (330 Subscription Days)

  • Leonhart Attire

Players will begin receiving rewards based on the above requirements with the release of patch 4.1. Those who have yet to obtain these rewards but already meet the requirements will receive them shortly after the update. (For example: A player with 330 subscription days on their account will meet the requirements for Rank 4, and thus receive the Leonhart Attire reward.)

Items will be delivered as necessary to players when they meet the above requirements. Please note that it may take several days for items to be delivered.

For Players Who Have Already Received Rewards

These changes will have no effect on players who have already met the requirements to obtain the items listed above, as well as those no longer available as veteran rewards after patch 4.1. Newly created characters on the same account will continue to receive any items for which they were eligible prior to the update.

Items Previously Available as Veteran Rewards

With the exception of aetheryte tickets, all items no longer available as veteran rewards can now be obtained through in-game means.

  • Items obtained only through veteran rewards

Starting in Patch 4.1, players will be able to use their achievement points to purchase achievement certificates by speaking with Jonathas in Old Gridania ( X:10.6 Y:6.3). Certificates can then be used to purchase rewards of your choosing. The number of certificates in your possession can be confirmed via the Achievements window.

  • Phial of Fantasia

A phial of Fantasia has been added as a reward for the main scenario quest “The Ultimate Weapon.”
* Players who have already completed this quest are ineligible to receive a phial of Fantasia.

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