Lyrische Reise - Heavensward -

Hallo zusammen!

Letzte Woche haben wir unsere Lyrische Reise durch eure vergangenen (oder noch bevorstehenden!) Abenteuer begonnen, damit ihr die Geschichte der neuesten Erweiterung „Endwalker" genießen könnt!

Diese Woche setzen wir unsere Lyrische Reise gleich mit zwei Songtexten fort - „Heavensward" und "Dragonsong" !


FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward Trailer

* Bitte beachtet, dass dieses Video Spoiler für das Hauptszenario von A Realm Reborn enthält.


Beneath the gazing stars
Vales deep and forests dark
Betrayed by loyal hands, Her wrath stirred

Bound fast unto our fate
One path, one burden great
Yet ever do our aching souls point Heavensward
Ever rings out our song
Yes, ever do our aching souls march Heavensward
As they've done for so long

To their trespass
We are Witness
Here to pass this
Final sentence

No forgiveness
No deliverance
Only Justice
Only Vengeance

Wills unbending
Faith unending
Stone defending
Now our steel shall sing

Guide us, O mighty Fury
Guide us to victory!

Dys An Sohm In (Our slumber disturbed,)
Rohs An Kyn Ala na (All my brothers wake.)
Mah Morn Na-ah-ah-ahrr (The saviors must perish.)
Sahl Djahs Afah An (Vengeance will be ours.)




Children of the land do you hear
Echoes of truths that once rang clear
Two souls intertwined
One true love they did find
Bringing land and heavens near

But flames that burned full bright soon fell dark
Memories dimmed by shadowed hearts
In the waxing gloom
Did wane the lovers' moon
Watching as their worlds drift apart.

One soul's cry
A passion welling within
A final plea to her kin

Yet this bond of hope
By treachery was broke
Scattering her words to the wind

Swelling overlong
Seas of blood are a song
And death an afterthought
To those who fight for naught

A throne lying empty
A reign incomplete
Alone for eternity
A pain without cease

Children of the land answer this
Why must you turn to empty bliss
Tell me why break trust
Why turn the past to dust
Seeking solace in the abyss

Tell me why create
A circle none can break
Why must you let go
The life you were bestowed
This I fear I'll never know
Never know...


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