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Zodiark, Zeromus and the Moon.


Just a warning, post contains spoilers for FFXIV, FFIV and FFXII and potential spoilers.

OK, so it's no secret that the recent storyline has been dropping hint after hint that Zodiark is on the moon.

Well, Zeromus is also encountered in the moon's core in FFIV.

But hey, that's just a concidence right, I hear you say.

Well, the some of the developers working on FFXIV also worked on FFXII, and it's no secret. We have many references and inclusions from FFXII most notably Ivalice, as well as Judge Gabranth as the antagonist of the Bozjan southern front (he's the one striking the pose in the logo). And in FFXII they did include Zeromus but not as a boss, they had him a summon which was pretty cool.

But maybe I'm grasping at straws here.

But wait! Zeromus is an extended word of Zemus, and Zemus in Amharic means "prayer" and adding a zero to it could mean zero prayer or no prayer. Which isn't that what Zodiark will soon be getting? with all 3 of the paragons gone, who'd be left to worship him?

I don't know. But it'd be awesome of to hear a remix of Zeromus' theme.
Hell, if they do include a entire boss fight with him in his pocket dimension just like FFIV, I'd go crazy.

Here's to hoping he gets included somewhere down the line.

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That's a gnarly looking bad guy right there. o_O!

The logic here seems like it's quite sound (not that I've played the other titles you've mentioned to verify any of it). And, if that's the case, I'd love to see this big uggo thing in FFXIV down the line. :3 I'm always eager to see how FFXIV grows and evolves!
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